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The Mogul Minute : Tyrese Gibson “A Dreamer’s Dream”

After Watching Blaire Underwood In Bishop  T.D. Jake’s “Women Thou Art Loosed: On The 7th Day” ( Great Movie) & Lack Of Sleep I Was Inspired To Watch Tyrese Gibson’s “A Dreamer’s Dream”. The Video Is So Inspiring And A Must See For Everyone. Philly’s Own Jill Scott, And Actor  Blair Underwood Also Participate In This Vision That Tyrese Brought To Life. This Video  Touched The Hearts And Minds Of Many All Over The World.The Message In This Video Is So Powerful . How Does It Make You Feel? What Can You Take From It?

 In 2001 I  Visited The National Civil Rights Museum In Memphis Tennessee With My Family . The Museum Was Once  The Historic  Lorraine Hotel. I Remember Staring Into The Room That Dr.Martin Luther King Jr Once Rested In And Feeling Chills Up My Spine. I Was Standing In The Middle Of History , A Story , A Movement. The Emotion Was Mind Blowing.

I Felt Strong And I Felt Motivated To Change.

As I Stood Outside And Looked Upon The Balcony That Dr.Martin Luther King Jr Was Assassinated On I Felt Upset  Then I Realized How Much He Fought , What He Changed , And Whom He Inspired.

Please Share And If You Can Be Sure To Visit The National Civil Rights Museum It’s An Experience You Will Never Forget.

Click Here For More Info

Be Encourage, Be Inspired, They Made History So You Can Make History !

I Have A Dream .Do You Have A Dream ?

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The Mogul Minute : Anita Baker “Lately”


“A Lot Of People Don’t Know But Over The Years Anita Baker Has Become Like A Second Mother To Me And Through Our Talks And Her Direct Inspiration I Decided To Do Another Album , Open Invitation , After A Five Year Absence From Music. I Feel Her Heart And Soul Through Her Single “Lately”. My Version Was Merely An Appetizer . Listen As She Gracefully Serves Up A Main Course Of “Soul To Soul.”
– Singer, Actor And Author
Tyrese Gibson

Ms.Anita Baker Is A Phenomenal Woman With An Amazing Voice . The Eight-Time Grammy Award & Four Platinum Award  Winning Singer Recently Released Her Newest Single “Lately” From Her New Album “Only Forever” .This Is Her First Release In Seven Years.  The Blue Notes Recording Artist Sounds Absolutely Astounding. If You Are A True Fan  Of R &B You Will Love This Record Because Ms.Anita Baker Brings Her Own Flavor & Love  To The Original 1991 Song   “Lately” By Tyrese Gibson From His Debut Album “Tyrese” .
You Can Purchase Anita Baker’s  Lately Here On iTunes You Are Definitely In For A Treat
Stay Tuned To www.AnitaBaker.com For The Official Album Release & Much More
Listen To “Lately” Below


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The Mogul Minute : Tyrese Announces T.G.T In The Studio


Remember When Tyrese , Tank, And Ginuwine Teamed Up For The “Please Don’t Go Remix” ? Well Today Tyrese Gibson Announced Via Twitter That T.G.T  (Tyrese , Ginuwine, And Tank)  Are In The Studio Working On An Album.
The 3 Talented Men Together On  One Album Is Going To Make Women Happy World-Wide. The Undeniable Passion , The Grustle, And The Love For Music Is Going To Be Poured Out In The Studio For This Project. Not Only Are The Guys Teaming Up For This Project But They’re Giving Producers An Opportunity To Be Apart Of History. Tyrese Tweeted This Email tgtopenmic@gmail.com
Saying That They’re Looking For Joints ( So Producers Send Them Your Hottest Joints) . So Ladies Are You Ready For T.G.T ?
Tyrese Is Currently Accepting Booking Dates For “The Open Invitation Tour” Serious Offers Only Contact TyreseBookings@gmail.com. Stay Tuned To Twitter For More Updates On The T.G.T Album And Possible Tour .
Purchase Tyrese Album “Open Invitation”  Here
Purchase Tank Album  “How I Feel Album ” Here
Purchase Ginuwine  ” Elgin” Here

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The Mogul Minute: First Look At Tyrese Gibson “Nothing On You”


The Mogul Minute Finally Has Your First Look At Tyrese Gibson “Nothing On You” Video Featuring TLC/Singer/Actress Rozanda Thomas “Chilli” ! So Enjoy This Hot New Video From Mogul, Author, Model,Actor, Singer, And Songwriter “Tyrese”. 


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The Mogul Minute : Tyrese Gibson Exclusive “Nothing On You”

In November The Mogul Minute Chatted With Tyrese Gibson About His New Album “Open Invitation”, His Life, And More.

Now The Mogul Minute Has The Inside Scoop On His Soon To Be Released Video “Nothing On You” Starring Singer/Actress Rozonda Thomas ” Chilli”.

Open Invitation  Is An Amazing Album And The Mogul Minute As Well As Many Other Tyrese Supporters Are Very Excited For This  New Video .

“Stay” Has Been #1 Single For 11 Weeks And “Open Invitation” Was #1 For Two Weeks Independent ( We Are So Proud Of Tyrese) !

Surprise ! Surprise ! “Open Invitation RELOADED” Album Is Going To Be Re-Released On February 14, Valentine’s Day, On iTunes (LP version) Which Includes Videos, Behind The Scenes Footage, Bonus Material And Unreleased Tracks:  “Fireworkz” Remix Featuring Big Sean, T.I., And Busta Rhymes, “What Took You So Long,” And The “Stay” Remix Featuring Faith Evans.  So Make Sure You Get The Video !

You Can Expect So Much From Tyrese Gibson This Year And For Many Years To Continue.

He Is Talented And God Is Blessing His Life Tremendously. So Stay Tuned Because Tyrese Is Giving You An Open Invitation To His World.

So Look For The Official

“Nothing On You Video “



Get “Open Invitation” Here

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The Mogul Minute : Accepts Tyrese Gibson Open Invatation

From These  Words “Always Coca-Cola” , “Lately” Or “I Hate You Jodie” ! Tyrese Gibson Has Captured Our Full Attention Over The Years . Whether He’s On The Big Screen Or His Soulful Voice Playing From The Speakers Of The Stereo, Tyrese  Has Become A Hollywood Favorite.On November 24, 2011 At 4:oo AM EST / 1:00 AM PDT The Mogul Minute Accepted The Open Invitation To The World Of Mr.Tyrese Gibson! The 33 Year Old Singer,Songwriter,Actor, Model, Writer And Mogul Has Made A Big Impact On The Entertainment Industry .Since His First Appearance On The 1995 Coca-Cola Commercial.His Amazing Voice, Beautiful Smile And Handsome Looks Captured The Eyes And Ears Of Many.  At A Young Age Tyrese Landed  A Modeling Contract  With Tommy Hillfiger  As Well As The Marciano Brothers.After Five Years Of Venturing Off Into More Movies And Recently Releasing His Self-Help Book  “How To Get Out of Your Own Way” Tyrese Is Back With His Fifth Studio Album And ,First 1# Album     “Open Invitation”.Although Tyrese Is A Very Handsome Man HE IS The MAN ! Tyrese Has Also Used His Fame, To Inspire Others And Start The Watts Foundation To Uplift Children And Offer Them Great Opportunities !


At 4 :00 AM I Was Excited To Talk With The Star ! Mogul To Mogul I Was Very Interested In What He Had To Say About His  New Album And Get To Know The Man Behind The Beautiful Smile, Action Packed Movies, And Soulful/R&B Songs.

1.How Are You Going To Celebrate Your Thanksgiving?

Actually , I Celebrated Thanksgiving On The 20th, It Was A “Pre -Thanksgiving”. My Best Friends, Their Wives And Children Came Over . It Was A Good Time , I Might Have To Do A Part Two.

2.” Open Invitation” Is A Interesting Title , For Such A Great Album What Are You Inviting Your Fans And Supporters To Do ?

I’m Inviting Them To Hear My Heart On The Mic. I Put Everything Into The Album .There Is No Politics, No Label Drama, No A&R . I Just Want My Open Invitation To Be Embraced .

3.In 2000 When You Won Your First AMA For Fave New R&B/Soul Artist? What Was The First Thing You Thought Of?

I Couldn’t Believe  I Won. I Couldn’t Believe They Called My Name.I Was Very Honored And Greatful To Be Recognized By The AMA’s And My Fans .

4.Looking Back On Your Life From Now To The 1995 Coca-Cola Commercial , What Has Been Your Greatest Experience ?

You Know I Have To Many To Just Say One , I Can Just Say That For Me , Its Been Beyond Amazing Being Able To Travel .To Meet As Many People As I Have .I’ve Know Everybody From  Winnie Mandela To Quincy Jones, Will Smith To Oprah. I’ve Been Able To Meet Some Of The Most Powerful And Significant People In History. I Think I’ve Met Everybody But Martin Luther King Himself ( Laughs) . Its A Blessing In Itself That This Gift That God Has Gave Me To Act And Sing And Everything Else Has Put Me In The Presence Of Some Of The Most Powerful People In The World  Its Just Things Like That I Will Never Take For Granted.

5. I Also Wanted To Commend You On Starting The Watts Foundation , What Was Your Motive For Starting That And Whats Your Ultimate Goal?

My Motivation Was When I Was In The Hood Every Single Day For 17 , 18 Years, I Just Wished That There Were Certain Things That We Had Access To And Certain Programs That Were Available. So With My Watts Foundation I’m Hoping  To Initiate These Things.I Think A Lot Of People Forget About The Struggles And Issue And Things That Are Going On In The Hood Once You Have An Opportunity To Leave And Go Get Your Career Off The Ground.However These Issues Still Exist So Thats What Its Been About For Me.

6.When You Wrote How To Get Out Of Your Own Way Who Did You Have In Mind?

The Fans , Supporters, Book Readers, The People Into Self Help Books And Not Into Self Help Books At All.Its Like People Are More Inspired By Your Walk In Success. 1 Billion 700 Million Dollars In The Box Office Receipts , Its One Thing To Throw That Number Out There, Wow! Congratulations. But Its Another Thing To Give People Insight And Info On How One Day They Can One Day Be Apart Of A Huge Franchise Or A Movie. Its Very Important To Pay It Forward To Give People Insight And Information On How To Get To The Next Level In Their Life And Career, And That Is Why I Wrote It.

7. From One Mogul To Another Mr.Gibson You Are Doing Your Thing! We Know Your Brand Is Sexy And A Lot Of Celebrities Have Come Out With Colognes Are You Considering Releasing One? Not Right Now. I Tend To Things Different . I’m A Bit Of A Weirdo In My Own Way. Its A Bit Of Feeling.I’m Very Obedient .When God Says Do This .. I Say Okay And Jump Right On It.So I don’t Follow Trends And What Everybody Is Singing And How They’re Singing It Or What They’re Wearing In Their Videos. This Is What I’m Doing ! How I’m Doing It And When I’m Doing It !Hopefully , I’ll Find And Audience With Whatever I’m Doing So That’s Always The Hope.

8.What Is Your Advice That You Would Give To Others About Following Their Dreams?

The Best Advice I Could People Is Getting To The Top Of Your Career Isn’t Necessarily Just About Your Gifts And Talents .Its About Your Mentality, Your Surroundings And How Bad You Want It.So Many People Wake Up Everyday Saying They Want To Do This Or That But They’re Not Doing S### To Get To The Next Level.It’s Like Alright I Hear You But What Are You Doing?If You Want To Get To The Next Level In Your Career , Why Are Those Your Friends?You Don’t Even Like Your Friends , So Why Are They There?Its Like Your Riding Around Talking  Mess About  Your Own Friends Yet They’re Still There. Are You Lonely ? Are You Desperate To Have People Around You Because Their Clearly Not Adding To Your Life & Career.I Think So Many People Think  That Because You Can Sing  , Your Going To Get To The Top Of The Game.No! Its About The Way You Think And Your Surroundings. It’s About The People Directly Involved In Your Life And Career, Can Really Kill Your Career Single Handedly.There’s People Out Here That Sing, Look And Can Act Way Better Than Me But They Will Never Get Anything Off The Ground Because They Are Surrounded By Horrible People.

9.Now When Your Not Recording Or Doing Any Entertainment Things ?

Sitting On My Ass And Chilling With My Daughter.

I Had An Amazing Time Interviewing Tyrese Gibson! So Make Sure You Stay Tuned For More Movies , Music, And Videos.

The Mogul Minute Is Very Appreciative Of His “Open Invitation”!

Continue To Support Him And Get The Album!

One Of My Personal Favorites On The Album Is “Nothing On You”

Get Your Copy Of “Open Invitation “ Today

Click Here
Follow Tyrese On Twitter

Click Here @Tyrese

New Oficial Video “Stay

The Mogul Minute Wishes Tyrese Continued Continued Success And Many Blessings !

Happy Thanksgiving! Be Blessed And Continue To Shine, Make A Difference, And Inspire Others And Be A MOGUL!

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