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The Mogul Minute : The Biz With A&R Alan Pugach Barker

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The Site, Radio And TV Show Always Putting The Spotlight On A Talented Individual Who Is Going Hard And Not Giving Up. Well Alan Pugach Barker Is Going Super Hard And Making The Best Out Of Life. Not Only Is He An A&R For Many New Producers That Worked With 50 Cent, Rick Ross, And Young Money (Just To Name A Few. He Also Is A Creative Model Director .Not Only Is Alan Well Connected In The Industry Musically But Fashionably As Well. He Is The Designer Bow Down Clothing. Alan Pugach Barker Is Definitely Mogul Minute Approved. His Models Have Been Featured On Magazines, WSHH, And Many Other Various Shoots And Videos (Featured Below) . His Clothing Has Been Worn By Many Celebs And Featured In Ozone Magazine And The Front Cover Of Gutta Magazine.

What Made You Want To Get Into The Entertainment Industry?

Grew Up Into It My Family Were Musicians. My Father Was In A Band In Buenos Aires, Argentina. My Mother Did Jingles For Commercials And Sings And So On. I Was Always Around Studio Equipment And I Love Business. Especially your Own, Nothings Better Then Being Your Own Boss And Working Your Own Way Up.

 How Has Your Life Changed Since You’ve Become An A& R?

Life’s More The Same These Days. You Don’t Really Have To Travel And Go Crazy To Make Ends Meet. Just more Contacts, More Business And Some Traveling To Take Care A Few Deals. Know What I Mean?

Do You Have A Fave Celeb To Work With?

I’d Like To Work With Dr. Dre & Eminem. I Know A Few People In That Small Circle But That Kind Of Stuff Never Jumps To Mind When I’m Doing Business But That Would Be Nice.

What Do You Love To Do In Your Free Time?

Chill, Kill And Fulfill A Thrill. 

How Did Your Clothing Line “Bow Down” Get Started And How Has It Progressed?

Just Did It For Promo, I Only Did It To Get People To Know That I Do Know These “Celebrities”. If They Don’t Know Who You Are, They Won’t Believe A Word You Say. So Sometimes You Have To Prove It To Them. I Got More To Come Than The Clothing Line, That’s For Sure.

What Do You Have Planned For The Future?

Working With The D.O.C., Had A Few Talks With Him Last Year & Recently, We’ll See What’s Up. Can’t Say The Name Of The Track Yet But I Got a Young Money Video Coming Out Soon, Sponsored By Me &You Guys Will See The Name Also A Short Dawg Video With Some Of The Promo Shirts And What Not. Doing Some Music Work With Lola Monroe, Possibly For Her Single, We’ll See And So On.

What’s The Hardest Thing About Being An A&R?

I Suppose What’s Hard Is Getting The  Connects And Making Business Happen, Got To Have A Relationship , Their Attention, Someone To Believe In You But If You Have A lot Of Money Its Easier For You But You Still Need The Right Vision And Understanding Of The Business, Can’t Be  Completely Blank on It , Not Even Money Will Let You Work With That Sometimes..

7. What Have You Produced?

More Executively Produced, Than Anything Right Now. “My” Tracks Will Be On For The Future Right Now I’m Working  With Producers That Have Worked With Young Money , Rick  Ross, Meel Mill, Cashis , Royce Da 5’9” ( With Eminem) Etc. the Recent Track Besides The Current Ones In The Making , Was Kid Ink- “ Hold It Downn” Off  That Daydreamer Mixtape Hosted By Dj Ill Will. They Are Going To Make 5 More Videos Off That Mixtape As Well, One Of Them Might Be Ours.

Advice To Artist That Want To Be In The Industry?

Like Anything Else, Make Connects, Learn How To Market Yourself, Get Yourself Features, etc. Learn The Business, In The End Its Not About The Music & Talent Its About Business   10% Talent, %90 Business And Sometimes Money Talks .Most People I See Have Studios , Equipment ,They Have Many Tracks But That’s Where It Ends. If Your Serious About It Then, Learn the Business And Get Things Going Otherwise It’s Just For Fun.

To Get In Touch With Alan Tweet Him Here

Also Visit His Website By Clicking Here

The Mogul Minute Thanks Alan Pugach Barker For This Interview It Seriously Is Important To Be Talented But  Knowing  The Business Is The Key.

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The Mogul Minute : Ms.O “Okay Chanel”

For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it.

-Ivan Panin

Beauty Is Much More Than What Meets The Eye. Beauty Embodies Personality, Talent and So Much More.

Chanel Dawson From L.A Embodies It All!

She Was Chosen As A “Ms.O” On The Mogul Minute For Models And Fashion Week

Because Of Her O-Mazing Beauty, O-Being An Over-Achiever, And For Her Optimism About Her Modeling Career.

Check Out The Interview Here

What Or Who Inspired You To Model?

My Mother Inspired Me To Become A Model. In Her Early Years, She Used To Own The Runway, Doing Fashion Shows, Pageants, And Appearances.

If You Could Be Featured In Any Magazine , What Would It Be?

I Would Love To Be Featured In A Vogue. That Has Always Been A Dream Of Mine.
What Do You Think Is The Most Important Lesson To Know Before Going In The Modeling Industry?

The Most Important Lesson Would Be To Always Keep Your Head Up.There Are Going To BeThousands Of People Telling You That You Can’t Do It, You’re Too Fat, Too Skinny, Too Dark, Too Short…But As Long As You Have Confidence In Yourself And Your Ability, Your Attitude Will Carry You Through.

Whose Your Fave Designer?

I’m a huge CHANEL Fan! (Not Just Because It’s My Name!) I Love The Purses, Clothes And The Sunglasses.

Whats Your Message To Girls Younger Than You That Want To Model?
My Message To Younger Girls Is : Don’t Allow Society To Tell You What Beautiful Is. Beauty, Despite Many Stipulations, Is Really In The Eyes Of The Beholder. There Is Literally A Market For EVERYONE. Every Shape, Size, Height, Weight, Or Ethnicity. Don’t Let Anyone Tell You, You Aren’t Beautiful.

Whats Your Biggest Dream?

To Become A Broadcast Journalist For A Major New Station And Travel The World, Reporting As Well As Modeling.
Whats Your Favorite Dessert And Movie?
Dessert: I Am A Huge Fan Of Chocolate Cake!!!

Movie: The Fifth Element and The Matrix!!! I Have Seen Both Millions Of Times.

Have You Ever Felt Like Giving Up On Your Dream?
Yes, Plenty Of Times. There Have Been Times Where I Felt As If I Wasn’t Good Enough, Or Skinny Enough To Be In The Modeling Industry. But With The Amazing Support Of My Mom And My Close Friends, I Pushed Through All Of That Negativity !

If You Do Become A Top Model In The Industry Which Photographer Would You Want To Do A Shoot With?
Although Tyra Is A Model First And Foremost.. I Would LOVE To Do A Photoshoot With Her Behind The Camera!!!

In History Women Have Set Trends And Pushed Limits.If You Could Go BAck And Meet Anyone In  History Who Would It Be And Why?

I Would Go Back And Meet  Princess Diana. She Is The Epitome Of Female Confidence! Everyone Adored Her Because She Carried Herself In Such A Beautiful Way.

Thank You Chanel For The Interview The Mogul Minute Greatly Appreciates You And I Wish You The Best

May You Go Far And All Your Dreams Come True

To Find Out More About Chanel Check Her Out On Twitter By Clicking Here

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The Mogul Minute :Mr.X Davon “Yamz ” Gaskins



 2o Year Old Davon “Yamz” Gaskins Is More Than Just A Handsome Ball Player. Although He Is Athletic, Talkative, Funny And Charming He‘s Also A Big Dreamer And Goal Chaser. Philadelphia Is A City Known For History, Art And Music. However Some Situations That Occur Can Make You Quit Or Give Up On Your Hopes And Dreams. However Davon Is Continuing To Push And Excel At All He Wants To Achieve. The Penn State Student Works Hard And Is Aiming High Amongst The Stars. He Wants To Enter The Music Industry And He Has Already Started On That Goal By Starting “Yamz Ent” And Working Closely With His Two Artists Black Kent And Pooda Dappa. One Thing About Davon Is Amongst His  Intriguing Smile And Nice Hair He Knows How To Throw A Hot Party .. So Hopefully One Day Soon You’ll Get To Attend One Of His Parties .

 Davon Is Working Really Hard So He Was Chosen As A Mr.X For His X-Tra Dedication , X-Tra- Hardworking , And X-Tra Charming Personality

For The  First Mogul Minute Models And Fashion Week

What Is Your Biggest Dream?

      My Biggest Dream Is For My Brother And I To Be Successful At Whatever We Do .We Want To Live The Life That We’ve Dreamed About Since We Were Kids.

 If You Could Wear Any Designer For The Rest Of Your Life Who Would It Be And Why?

      It Would Have To Be Ralph Lauren Polo Because It’s Not Too Flashy And Its Perfect For All Occasions.

Do You Think It’s Better To Set Trends Or Follow Them?  Be A Trendsetter! Just Be Yourself People Always Respect That. Followers Get No Respect. Never Did.. Never Will!

If You Could Design Your Own Clothing Line What Would The Brand Be Called And What Kind Of Style Would It Consist Of?                                                                                                                   If  I Could Design My Own Clothing Line?  Ummm My Uncle Has His Own Clothing Line Called “HOOD AUTHENTIC”. If I Had A Say So In That It Would Be All “HOOD” Cargo Shorts And T-shirts, Something Simple.

If You Could Date Any Model Who Would It Be?

          This Is A Hard Question Lol Because There Are So Many Beautiful Models Out There .I Want Them All, Lol! But If I Had To Pick One It Would Have To Be Freida Pinto She’s Gorgeous. Now If You Said Artist I Wish I Could Date Alicia Keys, Because Our Babies Would Be Beautiful Lol!

Are You Single?

  No, Currently I’m Taken

Whats Your Favorite Sports Team?
Football Miami Dolphins
Basketball Philadelphia 76ers, But Kobe And Blake Griffin Are My Favorite Players
Baseball: Philadelphia Phillies

Whats A Message You Live By?
Keep Moving Forward- Walt Disney

If You Could Go Back In Time And Rock Any Style Of Clothes. What Would It Be?

It Would Have To Be Around The 1930’s, With The Mobster Style Suits And The Women Wore Classy Gowns. I Think That Would Be Cool.

How Would Your Life Change If You Became A Male Model?

   My Life Wouldn’t Really Change Much Besides The Fact That My Main Focus Would Be On My Modeling Career.

                    The Mogul Minute Thanks You Davon “Yamz ” Gaskins  And I Wish  All Your Dreams Come True

To Find Out More Info  Click Here To Check Out His Twitter Or Congratulate Him!!


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Interview With The One Man Army Dee 1

Strong! Powerful! A Leader! And Definitely A Blessing To Music Are A Few Things That Come To Mind When You Hear The Artist Dee-1. The New Orleans , Louisiana Native Is Using His Voice To Inspire And Motivate People Everywhere. I Think Dee-1 Is Extraordinarily Unique, Creative , And Setting Himself Apart From Previous Music Artists In The Industry. With The Release Of Two Mixtapes “I Hope They Hear Me Volume 1 & 2” He Has Gained Plenty Of Supports. With Just A Pen, A Pad , And Himself He Has Created A Full Force Of Lyrics That You Can Relate To As Well As Take To The Heart. Earlier Today I Interviewed The 504 Lyricist And One Man Army “Dee-1”.

What Does Music Mean To You?
Music is a form of self expression to me . I’m able To free my thoughts that were caged up. As an artist your music may help a fan release their thoughts or emotions that were caged up.
If You could have met any person In history who would It be and why?
I would have wanted To meet Malcolm X closer to the end Of his life because I’d have questions regarding his style and leadership . I’d also would’ve liked to meet Tupac.

How Did It Feel To See “One Man Army” Video On TV?
The One many Army song and video means so much to me . It’s my superhero theme music .                                                                                                            Just to see it get so popular on the internet and then make it to MTV                                                                                                                                                                   It let me know that people want that realness.I do real music regardless of the people who say I should do a strip or club song .

Are You On Tour ?
Yes. The tour is called “Grind &Hustle” Tour. So far I’ve been in Vancouver, Cali And Seattle.                          But you can go to Dee1Music.Com For All The Tour Dates And cities.

What Is “One Man Army”?
A One Man Or One Woman Army Is state of mind that people should live with . I like To call It Mission Vision. Everyone can have A mission for their own life and purpose. You need to have a strong team ,          be self motivated And grind. Dreams start and end with me. You can’t let the distractions of the TV,              internet, radio, or relationships mess up your goals and dreams. Don’t get distracted from your purpose.  True happiness comes From finding your purpose .

You Were A Teacher Correct?
I taught middle school in 08 And 09. I bonded with the students and I was able to relate and talk To them.

What Do You Want The Tristate To Know About You?
I want them To know that my goal is to make music that can inspire and entertain. I want my audience to be better people after they hear my music. The main thing I want the people to know is that the movement is going to go as far as you take it. People try to ignore positive movements and rather show love to negative ones. As for the people that show love and support positivity will make others support it as well. Just follow me on Twitter @Dee-1 , I want to be revolutionary pick up where Malcolm X and Tupac left off in my own way.

Dee 1 Is A Leader, Soldier, And He Definitely Is A Army Of Power, Creativity, And Passion .
Support The “One Man Army”. Make Sure You Check Out One Man Army And It’s My Time On MTV Jams. You Can Get His Music On Dee1Music.Com

The Mogul Girl #OneWomanArmy definitely supports Dee-1 The #OneManArmy

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Exclusive Interview With Beautiful Music Maker Rotimi

Rotimi , described as having tremendous talent with vocals reminiscent of a young Micheal Jackson by director Marcia P Samuel. Rotimi has recently gained a wide -spread fanbase and international exposure. The 21 year old wasn’t always aware of
his amazing voice. At 15 Rotimi was in a trio group called “NBH” with two of Jay-Z’s nephews,
Jay-Z told Rotimi “you have a powerful voice learn how to control it and by 22-23 you will be good. Well at 21 , Rotimi is more than good he’s great. The singer and songwriter has opened for artist such as T.i., Estelle, and N.E.R.D.he also hit the stage at the 2010 BET Awards Pre party.In 2009 he released “Beautiful Music:” as his first single which was nominated “Africa’s Sound City fresh video of the year”.His second single “already know ” featured Dawn Richard of Diddy’s Dirty Mooney .His third single “Forever” is currently on VH1 Soul and , Comcast OnDemand , the video is currently on rotation on MTV Arica. with motivation from his fans and family Rotimi continues to shine and make Beautiful Music. Although his Nigerian heritage didn’t expose him to a R&B However at 21 he has dived into the world of R&B hands on . rotimi’s mixtape ” The Resume ” is going to be released sunday march 29 , 2011. Rotimi is amazing, talented, passionate, gifted, blessed, and truly dedicated to his dream. not only is he a singer actor and songwriter he also holds a Bachelor Degree of Science in Communication and a minor in Business from Northwestern University.
Rotimi definitely earned a number 1 spot on The Mogul minute check out the interview below

How many years have you been singing and what artists inspire you ?
For 16 years .Lauryn Hill , Bob Marley, Carl Thomas and Micheal Jackson inspire me.
How did it  feel the first time you saw your video for your second single “Forever” on VH1?
Crazy! I was laying in bed and I dozed off. when i looked up it was playing. I  ran into my roomates room told them it was on and then I started calling my family.
When you actually completed your mixtape “the resume ” and had all your songs in your tracklist what were you thinking?
I felt like wow I did it. It was an incredible feeling. it’s my first body of work done.                                        It definitely showed my hard work and it also was a time for celebration and relief.
Will You be doing any touring in the next couple months?
Touring starts the end of of this month. I’ll be hitting six or seven different cities.
What do you do in your free-time?
Watch sports ( ESPN ) , I’m a homebody, I love being in my space and spending time with my family and friends.
If you had to listen to one song on repeat for a week , what would it be?
My new song “Bottles” ft gucci mane. Its a club track .
Out of the three videos you filmed what was your favorite one?
Beautiful Music because it was 1st . I didn’t expect it to get that big .It was filmed with one of my friends on different parts of my campus.
What is your favorite food to eat?
My mom’s Jamaican curry chicken with rice.
What do you look for when dating a female?
I look for understnding, ambitious, good conversation, style, and confidence.
Rotimi what do you want the ladies to know?
I’m single !! check out my music on RotimiMusic.com follow me on twitter @Rotimi1 and “The Resume” Is Coming Soon!!!
After you watch the video “Beautiful Music ” below make sure you get his new mixtape “The Resume

Get The Resume Here

Shayna “The Mogul Girl”



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