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The Mogul Minute : Asks For Your Help ! End The Violence

All Across The Internet Videos Are Posted Of Fights At Restaurants , Schools, Parking Lots, Houses, Clubs And Neighborhoods For Entertainment.

However In Actuality Who Is This Entertaining ? Bystanders Are Being Injured, Children Are Emotionally And Physically Damaged And Lives Are Taken Or Viciously Attacked Because Of The 5 To 10 Minute Videos.

During My Teem Years In High School Watching Fights Or Being Involved In Fights Was An Action I Highly Disapproved Of.

Its Almost 2 AM And The Recent Fight Videos I Am Aware Of Have Saddened Me And Drive Me To Post This Blog.

To All My Readers And Supporters I Am Asking That You Join Me On This Fight To End A Fight.

Cyberbullying Is Leading To These In Person Fights And It Needs To Stop.

These Videos Do Nothing But Stir Up And Cause More Fights.

What If You Happen To See Your Sister , Brother, Cousin , Niece Or Nephew Online Being Beaten With Shoes, Wooden Bats, Or Being Jumped By 10 People.These Fights Are Trending And Instead of Keeping It Going Lets End It . Sign This Blog If You Think That Cyberbullying And These Videos Are Allowing It To Continue.

These Fight Videos Not Only lead To Heartache An Pain Of The Victim But Possible Suicide  , Deadly Injuries, And Damage Amongst Families.

Its 2012 And There Has Already Been 20 Murders In The Philadelphia Area..Its Saddening .

As A 20 Year Old With  Big Dreams, I Care About My Younger Generation And We Have To Pave The Way For Them.

Celebrities Are You Aware Of These Videos… The Kids Look Up To You Please Speak Out.

Micheal Jordan So Many Teenagers Have Been Killed Or Injured Over Your Sneakers Can You Please Speak Out.

Tired Of Being Quiet ..Its Time To Speak.

Maybe This Doesn’t Bother Yall But It Sure As Hell Bothers Me .

These Kids Are Dying Before They Get To See College And Its Terrible .

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