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The Mogul Minute :” Do You See You ?”

Live Life For YOU!

What Do You See When You Look At You ?

Do You See America’s Next Top Model , The Next Big Superstar , Or Do You See An Ugly Horrible Person That’s Going Nowhere In Life?

Your Vision Of Yourself Has The Biggest Impact On Your Life. No Matter What Anybodyelse THINKS OF YOU , Your Way Of Thinking Matters The Most.

The Media Always Emphasizes A Certain Way We Should Look And Live , However Are They Spending Large Amounts Of Money On Your Wardrobe, Hospital Bills, Or Making You Feel Better About You ? NO !

Do You See You ? Do You Really Look At Yourself ? A Glance At A Mirror Is Not Defining You ! Stand There For  A Few Minutes And Truly Discover You!

Your Personal Thought Process Is Major ! Your Friends And Family Can Make Suggestions But They Can’t Live, Breathe , Or Think For You .

Sometimes You Have To Step Up To The Plate And Really Accept Who You Are,

If You Feel That You Can Improve Your Style, The Way You Carry Yourself , Or The Way You Should Live Then Change For The Better ,,, Don’t just Do It Because The TV Or The Magazine Said So !

This Blog Isn’t Just Written For Females Guys Take A Look At Yourselves As Well .

Stop Letting Your Surroundings Make You !

Live , Change , And Grow!

The Way Your Father, Uncle , Or Brother Lives Does Not Have To Be The Way You See You !


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The Mogul Minute : A Little Less Talk

Finally 2012 Is Here !

     Weren’t You Excited When The Ball Dropped? As Dick Clark Counted Down Into The New Year Where Were You In Your Mind? What Were You Thinking Of ? This Year Should Be A Year Of Action And    Listening . A Lot Of People Have Talked About Changing Or “Making Moves” But Haven’t Changed Or Stepped Out The Box To Make One.This Is The Year That It Ends. Just Talking , And Action Are Two Different Things. You Can Say Whatever You Want Out Of Your Mouth However If You Don’t Believe It And Your Actions Never Emphasize On It Then You Might As Well Have Never Said Anything In The First Place.

    Are You The Type To Blast On Social Networking That Your Doing So Much But Nobody Ever Sees Anything ? Well Here’s A Major Newflash: “Everything Is Not For Everybody To Know Some Things You Should Keep To Yourself” . Keeping Somethings To Yourself Eliminates Doubters , “Haters”, And You Feeding Into Their Negative Attention. In Studies The Number  “12 Is Considered To Be “God’s Number Of Perfection” ! However God Is The Only Perfect One  In This Picture ! Lol.

    Each Day We Wake Up , We Are In A New Phase In Our Lives . We Might Still Live In The Same House, Have The Same Morning Routine, Have The Same Car Yet We Enter A New Cycle Each Day .That Is Why It’s Best To Leave The Unnecessary Drama Of Last Year  In The Past . Don’t Carry It Over Into The New Year . It Wasn’t Needed Last Year And It’s Definitely Not Needed In This One. So To All The Readers , This Year Might Not Be “Your Year” Like Everyone Is Running Around Shouting . God Has Everything Planned Out And The Time He Has For You Is For YOU ! This Year  Ac Is Going To Be An Action Packed , Big , And Important Mogul Year.  

   I’m Not Saying Be A Mute , Or Live Your Life In Silence , I’m Emphasizing On The Fact Of If Your “Talking About It Be About It”.


I Talk For A Living ( I’m A Host  Lol) But At The Same Time I Am  Speaking I Am  Using My Voice To Open Doors, Make Connections, Build With Other People With A Dream , Make A Difference. However I Also Know Who To Share Certain Things With Because You Learn Fast When Your Talented Or Your Doing Something  That Everyone Is Not A True Friend Or A Bro Or A Sis. Your Mouth Sometimes Can Be Your Key Prize Or Your Downfall … So Which Will You Be  A Talker With No Action Or A Talker That’s Moving Their Mouths But Also Moving Forward Towards Their Dreams?

Use Your Words To Speak Things Into Existence And You Can Be A MOGUL In A MINUTE !

                 Don’t Just BE Anything BE A MOGUL

             Love Always xoxo


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