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The Mogul Minute :” Do You See You ?”

Live Life For YOU!

What Do You See When You Look At You ?

Do You See America’s Next Top Model , The Next Big Superstar , Or Do You See An Ugly Horrible Person That’s Going Nowhere In Life?

Your Vision Of Yourself Has The Biggest Impact On Your Life. No Matter What Anybodyelse THINKS OF YOU , Your Way Of Thinking Matters The Most.

The Media Always Emphasizes A Certain Way We Should Look And Live , However Are They Spending Large Amounts Of Money On Your Wardrobe, Hospital Bills, Or Making You Feel Better About You ? NO !

Do You See You ? Do You Really Look At Yourself ? A Glance At A Mirror Is Not Defining You ! Stand There ForĀ  A Few Minutes And Truly Discover You!

Your Personal Thought Process Is Major ! Your Friends And Family Can Make Suggestions But They Can’t Live, Breathe , Or Think For You .

Sometimes You Have To Step Up To The Plate And Really Accept Who You Are,

If You Feel That You Can Improve Your Style, The Way You Carry Yourself , Or The Way You Should Live Then Change For The Better ,,, Don’t just Do It Because The TV Or The Magazine Said So !

This Blog Isn’t Just Written For Females Guys Take A Look At Yourselves As Well .

Stop Letting Your Surroundings Make You !

Live , Change , And Grow!

The Way Your Father, Uncle , Or Brother Lives Does Not Have To Be The Way You See You !


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