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Today Is A Diva Holiday! The Mega Star , Singer, Songwriter, Actress,Producer, Wife, And Mother Of Blu Ivy Carter , Beyonce Turns 31. Recently Beyonce Launched A Global Campaign To Celebrate Humanitarian Work. Soon After Beyonce Released Her Video “I Was Here” Which Was Filmed At The United Nations General Assembly In New York City. The Campaign And Video Aimed To Inspire The World To Participate In World Humanitarian Day And That’s Exactly What It Did .The Video Sent Out The Biggest Message In Social Media History. Beyonce Is Truly A “Diva” And Continues To Shine And Be A Leader. The Girl From Houston Texas With Big Dreams Is Now A Woman And She Is Running The Game And Rocking It Out. With The Support Of Her Family And Husband Jay-Z , She Continues To Let People Know That She Is Here And She Has A Lot To Say And Do. The Mogul Minute Wishes You A Happy & Mogul Birthday Beyonce !!

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The Mogul Minute : Anita Baker “Lately”


“A Lot Of People Don’t Know But Over The Years Anita Baker Has Become Like A Second Mother To Me And Through Our Talks And Her Direct Inspiration I Decided To Do Another Album , Open Invitation , After A Five Year Absence From Music. I Feel Her Heart And Soul Through Her Single “Lately”. My Version Was Merely An Appetizer . Listen As She Gracefully Serves Up A Main Course Of “Soul To Soul.”
– Singer, Actor And Author
Tyrese Gibson

Ms.Anita Baker Is A Phenomenal Woman With An Amazing Voice . The Eight-Time Grammy Award & Four Platinum Award  Winning Singer Recently Released Her Newest Single “Lately” From Her New Album “Only Forever” .This Is Her First Release In Seven Years.  The Blue Notes Recording Artist Sounds Absolutely Astounding. If You Are A True Fan  Of R &B You Will Love This Record Because Ms.Anita Baker Brings Her Own Flavor & Love  To The Original 1991 Song   “Lately” By Tyrese Gibson From His Debut Album “Tyrese” .
You Can Purchase Anita Baker’s  Lately Here On iTunes You Are Definitely In For A Treat
Stay Tuned To For The Official Album Release & Much More
Listen To “Lately” Below


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The Mogul Minute : 27 Years Of Comedy




William Shakespeare Once Wrote “Be Not Afraid Of Greatness: Some Are Born Great, Some Achieve Greatness, And Some  Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them”. Throughout The Years Mr. Steve Harvey Has Brought Laughter And Encouragement To So Many Viewers World-Wide. The Mogul , Father, Author, TV Host, Actor, Radio Personality, Comedian And Philanthropist Is A Pure Example Of True Greatness. He Went From Being A Stand Up Comedian To Being One Of “The Kings Of Comedy” . Over The Course Of 27 Years Audiences All Over Have Been Captivated By His Smile, Jokes, Inspiration , Motivation , And Stylish Suits.
This Year The Movie “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man” Based On His Book Featured An All Star Cast Kevin Hart, Taraji .P. Henson, Michael Ealy, Gabrielle Union , Terrence J , Regina Hall , And Meagan Goode Just To Name A Few.
This Morning Mr.Harvey [Tweeted Tonight Is My Final Comedy Show At The MGM #GrandFinale. Wow 27 Years! Thank You For Showing Love – I Appreciate All Of You! ]. The Show Will Take Place Tonight August 2,2012 At 8PM
3799 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109 If You Are In Las Vegas You Can Purchase Tickets Via Ticket Master Here . To Mr.Harvey May You Continue To Blessed And Let Your Light Shine. Continue To Share Your Wisdom And Guidance. 27 Years In Comedy And God Still Has A Lot More In Store For You .
Follow Mr.Steve Harvey On Twitter @IAMSTEVEHARVEY ! Have A Great Show From The Mogul Minute

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The Mogul Minute : Congratulations Rotimi

Singer/Songwriter Rotimi Akinosho Known To His Fans As “Rotimi” Has Gained World-Wide Recognition Through His Acting And Music. Last Year He Made His Acting Debut As “Darius” On The New Starz Original Series “BOSS” Written By Farhad Safinia And Starring Kelsey Grammer . Rotimi’s Character “Darius” Is Captivating & Intriguing! You Don”t Want To Take Your Eyes Off Of Him For One Second.
Rotimi Is Hard At Work Pursuing His Dreams. Off Set He Is In The Studio Recording Or Posing As The Face For The King Of The South (T.I.) Clothing Line AKOO. Rotimi Is Becoming A Well Known Name In The Entertainment Industry, So Much So He Recently Locked In At #17 On The Top 40Up & Coming Actors.
The Second Season Of “BOSS” Airs This August On STARZ Make Sure You Tune In !
The Mogul Minute , Team Rotimi , His Fans, Friends And Family Are Truly Proud Of Rotimi!
Congratulations On Your Top 40 Spot , Your Current Success, And All The Great Things God Has In Store For Your Life ! Keep Up The Greatness And The Greatness Will Keep Up With You .
Ladies If Your Interested In Joining Tweet @TeamRotimi For More Info ! If You Want To Get In Touch With Rotimi Follow Him
Youtube :Rotimi TV
Website :


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The Mogul Minute : LOS BLANCOS MOVIE


“Los Blancos” Hits Theaters World- Wide July 3, 2012 Starring Starring  Dancer /Model/Fitness Instructor/Actress & Blogger Rosa Acosta , Model/Actress Shakur Sozahdah, And Singer/Actor/ Songwriter Mario Barrett. The Film Was Written And Directed By My-Kel Monroe. Make Sure Your In The Theater To Check Out A Jam -Packed Action Movie.
The Movie Is A Tale Of Two Sisters Taking Over Their Families Cocaine Business. In A Male Dominated Business They Have Everything To Lose And Everything To Prove. They Play The Game Harder Then Their Competition, And With Their Looks, Drive, And Ferocity, They Are Taking Over.

Follow Them On Twitter
@Shakur Sozahdah

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The Mogul Minute : A Little Less Talk

Finally 2012 Is Here !

     Weren’t You Excited When The Ball Dropped? As Dick Clark Counted Down Into The New Year Where Were You In Your Mind? What Were You Thinking Of ? This Year Should Be A Year Of Action And    Listening . A Lot Of People Have Talked About Changing Or “Making Moves” But Haven’t Changed Or Stepped Out The Box To Make One.This Is The Year That It Ends. Just Talking , And Action Are Two Different Things. You Can Say Whatever You Want Out Of Your Mouth However If You Don’t Believe It And Your Actions Never Emphasize On It Then You Might As Well Have Never Said Anything In The First Place.

    Are You The Type To Blast On Social Networking That Your Doing So Much But Nobody Ever Sees Anything ? Well Here’s A Major Newflash: “Everything Is Not For Everybody To Know Some Things You Should Keep To Yourself” . Keeping Somethings To Yourself Eliminates Doubters , “Haters”, And You Feeding Into Their Negative Attention. In Studies The Number  “12 Is Considered To Be “God’s Number Of Perfection” ! However God Is The Only Perfect One  In This Picture ! Lol.

    Each Day We Wake Up , We Are In A New Phase In Our Lives . We Might Still Live In The Same House, Have The Same Morning Routine, Have The Same Car Yet We Enter A New Cycle Each Day .That Is Why It’s Best To Leave The Unnecessary Drama Of Last Year  In The Past . Don’t Carry It Over Into The New Year . It Wasn’t Needed Last Year And It’s Definitely Not Needed In This One. So To All The Readers , This Year Might Not Be “Your Year” Like Everyone Is Running Around Shouting . God Has Everything Planned Out And The Time He Has For You Is For YOU ! This Year  Ac Is Going To Be An Action Packed , Big , And Important Mogul Year.  

   I’m Not Saying Be A Mute , Or Live Your Life In Silence , I’m Emphasizing On The Fact Of If Your “Talking About It Be About It”.


I Talk For A Living ( I’m A Host  Lol) But At The Same Time I Am  Speaking I Am  Using My Voice To Open Doors, Make Connections, Build With Other People With A Dream , Make A Difference. However I Also Know Who To Share Certain Things With Because You Learn Fast When Your Talented Or Your Doing Something  That Everyone Is Not A True Friend Or A Bro Or A Sis. Your Mouth Sometimes Can Be Your Key Prize Or Your Downfall … So Which Will You Be  A Talker With No Action Or A Talker That’s Moving Their Mouths But Also Moving Forward Towards Their Dreams?

Use Your Words To Speak Things Into Existence And You Can Be A MOGUL In A MINUTE !

                 Don’t Just BE Anything BE A MOGUL

             Love Always xoxo


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The Mogul Minute : Accepts Tyrese Gibson Open Invatation

From These  Words “Always Coca-Cola” , “Lately” Or “I Hate You Jodie” ! Tyrese Gibson Has Captured Our Full Attention Over The Years . Whether He’s On The Big Screen Or His Soulful Voice Playing From The Speakers Of The Stereo, Tyrese  Has Become A Hollywood Favorite.On November 24, 2011 At 4:oo AM EST / 1:00 AM PDT The Mogul Minute Accepted The Open Invitation To The World Of Mr.Tyrese Gibson! The 33 Year Old Singer,Songwriter,Actor, Model, Writer And Mogul Has Made A Big Impact On The Entertainment Industry .Since His First Appearance On The 1995 Coca-Cola Commercial.His Amazing Voice, Beautiful Smile And Handsome Looks Captured The Eyes And Ears Of Many.  At A Young Age Tyrese Landed  A Modeling Contract  With Tommy Hillfiger  As Well As The Marciano Brothers.After Five Years Of Venturing Off Into More Movies And Recently Releasing His Self-Help Book  “How To Get Out of Your Own Way” Tyrese Is Back With His Fifth Studio Album And ,First 1# Album     “Open Invitation”.Although Tyrese Is A Very Handsome Man HE IS The MAN ! Tyrese Has Also Used His Fame, To Inspire Others And Start The Watts Foundation To Uplift Children And Offer Them Great Opportunities !


At 4 :00 AM I Was Excited To Talk With The Star ! Mogul To Mogul I Was Very Interested In What He Had To Say About His  New Album And Get To Know The Man Behind The Beautiful Smile, Action Packed Movies, And Soulful/R&B Songs.

1.How Are You Going To Celebrate Your Thanksgiving?

Actually , I Celebrated Thanksgiving On The 20th, It Was A “Pre -Thanksgiving”. My Best Friends, Their Wives And Children Came Over . It Was A Good Time , I Might Have To Do A Part Two.

2.” Open Invitation” Is A Interesting Title , For Such A Great Album What Are You Inviting Your Fans And Supporters To Do ?

I’m Inviting Them To Hear My Heart On The Mic. I Put Everything Into The Album .There Is No Politics, No Label Drama, No A&R . I Just Want My Open Invitation To Be Embraced .

3.In 2000 When You Won Your First AMA For Fave New R&B/Soul Artist? What Was The First Thing You Thought Of?

I Couldn’t Believe  I Won. I Couldn’t Believe They Called My Name.I Was Very Honored And Greatful To Be Recognized By The AMA’s And My Fans .

4.Looking Back On Your Life From Now To The 1995 Coca-Cola Commercial , What Has Been Your Greatest Experience ?

You Know I Have To Many To Just Say One , I Can Just Say That For Me , Its Been Beyond Amazing Being Able To Travel .To Meet As Many People As I Have .I’ve Know Everybody From  Winnie Mandela To Quincy Jones, Will Smith To Oprah. I’ve Been Able To Meet Some Of The Most Powerful And Significant People In History. I Think I’ve Met Everybody But Martin Luther King Himself ( Laughs) . Its A Blessing In Itself That This Gift That God Has Gave Me To Act And Sing And Everything Else Has Put Me In The Presence Of Some Of The Most Powerful People In The World  Its Just Things Like That I Will Never Take For Granted.

5. I Also Wanted To Commend You On Starting The Watts Foundation , What Was Your Motive For Starting That And Whats Your Ultimate Goal?

My Motivation Was When I Was In The Hood Every Single Day For 17 , 18 Years, I Just Wished That There Were Certain Things That We Had Access To And Certain Programs That Were Available. So With My Watts Foundation I’m Hoping  To Initiate These Things.I Think A Lot Of People Forget About The Struggles And Issue And Things That Are Going On In The Hood Once You Have An Opportunity To Leave And Go Get Your Career Off The Ground.However These Issues Still Exist So Thats What Its Been About For Me.

6.When You Wrote How To Get Out Of Your Own Way Who Did You Have In Mind?

The Fans , Supporters, Book Readers, The People Into Self Help Books And Not Into Self Help Books At All.Its Like People Are More Inspired By Your Walk In Success. 1 Billion 700 Million Dollars In The Box Office Receipts , Its One Thing To Throw That Number Out There, Wow! Congratulations. But Its Another Thing To Give People Insight And Info On How One Day They Can One Day Be Apart Of A Huge Franchise Or A Movie. Its Very Important To Pay It Forward To Give People Insight And Information On How To Get To The Next Level In Their Life And Career, And That Is Why I Wrote It.

7. From One Mogul To Another Mr.Gibson You Are Doing Your Thing! We Know Your Brand Is Sexy And A Lot Of Celebrities Have Come Out With Colognes Are You Considering Releasing One? Not Right Now. I Tend To Things Different . I’m A Bit Of A Weirdo In My Own Way. Its A Bit Of Feeling.I’m Very Obedient .When God Says Do This .. I Say Okay And Jump Right On It.So I don’t Follow Trends And What Everybody Is Singing And How They’re Singing It Or What They’re Wearing In Their Videos. This Is What I’m Doing ! How I’m Doing It And When I’m Doing It !Hopefully , I’ll Find And Audience With Whatever I’m Doing So That’s Always The Hope.

8.What Is Your Advice That You Would Give To Others About Following Their Dreams?

The Best Advice I Could People Is Getting To The Top Of Your Career Isn’t Necessarily Just About Your Gifts And Talents .Its About Your Mentality, Your Surroundings And How Bad You Want It.So Many People Wake Up Everyday Saying They Want To Do This Or That But They’re Not Doing S### To Get To The Next Level.It’s Like Alright I Hear You But What Are You Doing?If You Want To Get To The Next Level In Your Career , Why Are Those Your Friends?You Don’t Even Like Your Friends , So Why Are They There?Its Like Your Riding Around Talking  Mess About  Your Own Friends Yet They’re Still There. Are You Lonely ? Are You Desperate To Have People Around You Because Their Clearly Not Adding To Your Life & Career.I Think So Many People Think  That Because You Can Sing  , Your Going To Get To The Top Of The Game.No! Its About The Way You Think And Your Surroundings. It’s About The People Directly Involved In Your Life And Career, Can Really Kill Your Career Single Handedly.There’s People Out Here That Sing, Look And Can Act Way Better Than Me But They Will Never Get Anything Off The Ground Because They Are Surrounded By Horrible People.

9.Now When Your Not Recording Or Doing Any Entertainment Things ?

Sitting On My Ass And Chilling With My Daughter.

I Had An Amazing Time Interviewing Tyrese Gibson! So Make Sure You Stay Tuned For More Movies , Music, And Videos.

The Mogul Minute Is Very Appreciative Of His “Open Invitation”!

Continue To Support Him And Get The Album!

One Of My Personal Favorites On The Album Is “Nothing On You”

Get Your Copy Of “Open Invitation “ Today

Click Here
Follow Tyrese On Twitter

Click Here @Tyrese

New Oficial Video “Stay

The Mogul Minute Wishes Tyrese Continued Continued Success And Many Blessings !

Happy Thanksgiving! Be Blessed And Continue To Shine, Make A Difference, And Inspire Others And Be A MOGUL!

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The Mogul Minute : The Biz With A&R Alan Pugach Barker

The Mogul Minute Is Your Source To What’s New! What’s Hot! & How To Get It!

The Site, Radio And TV Show Always Putting The Spotlight On A Talented Individual Who Is Going Hard And Not Giving Up. Well Alan Pugach Barker Is Going Super Hard And Making The Best Out Of Life. Not Only Is He An A&R For Many New Producers That Worked With 50 Cent, Rick Ross, And Young Money (Just To Name A Few. He Also Is A Creative Model Director .Not Only Is Alan Well Connected In The Industry Musically But Fashionably As Well. He Is The Designer Bow Down Clothing. Alan Pugach Barker Is Definitely Mogul Minute Approved. His Models Have Been Featured On Magazines, WSHH, And Many Other Various Shoots And Videos (Featured Below) . His Clothing Has Been Worn By Many Celebs And Featured In Ozone Magazine And The Front Cover Of Gutta Magazine.

What Made You Want To Get Into The Entertainment Industry?

Grew Up Into It My Family Were Musicians. My Father Was In A Band In Buenos Aires, Argentina. My Mother Did Jingles For Commercials And Sings And So On. I Was Always Around Studio Equipment And I Love Business. Especially your Own, Nothings Better Then Being Your Own Boss And Working Your Own Way Up.

 How Has Your Life Changed Since You’ve Become An A& R?

Life’s More The Same These Days. You Don’t Really Have To Travel And Go Crazy To Make Ends Meet. Just more Contacts, More Business And Some Traveling To Take Care A Few Deals. Know What I Mean?

Do You Have A Fave Celeb To Work With?

I’d Like To Work With Dr. Dre & Eminem. I Know A Few People In That Small Circle But That Kind Of Stuff Never Jumps To Mind When I’m Doing Business But That Would Be Nice.

What Do You Love To Do In Your Free Time?

Chill, Kill And Fulfill A Thrill. 

How Did Your Clothing Line “Bow Down” Get Started And How Has It Progressed?

Just Did It For Promo, I Only Did It To Get People To Know That I Do Know These “Celebrities”. If They Don’t Know Who You Are, They Won’t Believe A Word You Say. So Sometimes You Have To Prove It To Them. I Got More To Come Than The Clothing Line, That’s For Sure.

What Do You Have Planned For The Future?

Working With The D.O.C., Had A Few Talks With Him Last Year & Recently, We’ll See What’s Up. Can’t Say The Name Of The Track Yet But I Got a Young Money Video Coming Out Soon, Sponsored By Me &You Guys Will See The Name Also A Short Dawg Video With Some Of The Promo Shirts And What Not. Doing Some Music Work With Lola Monroe, Possibly For Her Single, We’ll See And So On.

What’s The Hardest Thing About Being An A&R?

I Suppose What’s Hard Is Getting The  Connects And Making Business Happen, Got To Have A Relationship , Their Attention, Someone To Believe In You But If You Have A lot Of Money Its Easier For You But You Still Need The Right Vision And Understanding Of The Business, Can’t Be  Completely Blank on It , Not Even Money Will Let You Work With That Sometimes..

7. What Have You Produced?

More Executively Produced, Than Anything Right Now. “My” Tracks Will Be On For The Future Right Now I’m Working  With Producers That Have Worked With Young Money , Rick  Ross, Meel Mill, Cashis , Royce Da 5’9” ( With Eminem) Etc. the Recent Track Besides The Current Ones In The Making , Was Kid Ink- “ Hold It Downn” Off  That Daydreamer Mixtape Hosted By Dj Ill Will. They Are Going To Make 5 More Videos Off That Mixtape As Well, One Of Them Might Be Ours.

Advice To Artist That Want To Be In The Industry?

Like Anything Else, Make Connects, Learn How To Market Yourself, Get Yourself Features, etc. Learn The Business, In The End Its Not About The Music & Talent Its About Business   10% Talent, %90 Business And Sometimes Money Talks .Most People I See Have Studios , Equipment ,They Have Many Tracks But That’s Where It Ends. If Your Serious About It Then, Learn the Business And Get Things Going Otherwise It’s Just For Fun.

To Get In Touch With Alan Tweet Him Here

Also Visit His Website By Clicking Here

The Mogul Minute Thanks Alan Pugach Barker For This Interview It Seriously Is Important To Be Talented But  Knowing  The Business Is The Key.

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The Mogul Minute :Mr.X Davon “Yamz ” Gaskins



 2o Year Old Davon “Yamz” Gaskins Is More Than Just A Handsome Ball Player. Although He Is Athletic, Talkative, Funny And Charming He‘s Also A Big Dreamer And Goal Chaser. Philadelphia Is A City Known For History, Art And Music. However Some Situations That Occur Can Make You Quit Or Give Up On Your Hopes And Dreams. However Davon Is Continuing To Push And Excel At All He Wants To Achieve. The Penn State Student Works Hard And Is Aiming High Amongst The Stars. He Wants To Enter The Music Industry And He Has Already Started On That Goal By Starting “Yamz Ent” And Working Closely With His Two Artists Black Kent And Pooda Dappa. One Thing About Davon Is Amongst His  Intriguing Smile And Nice Hair He Knows How To Throw A Hot Party .. So Hopefully One Day Soon You’ll Get To Attend One Of His Parties .

 Davon Is Working Really Hard So He Was Chosen As A Mr.X For His X-Tra Dedication , X-Tra- Hardworking , And X-Tra Charming Personality

For The  First Mogul Minute Models And Fashion Week

What Is Your Biggest Dream?

      My Biggest Dream Is For My Brother And I To Be Successful At Whatever We Do .We Want To Live The Life That We’ve Dreamed About Since We Were Kids.

 If You Could Wear Any Designer For The Rest Of Your Life Who Would It Be And Why?

      It Would Have To Be Ralph Lauren Polo Because It’s Not Too Flashy And Its Perfect For All Occasions.

Do You Think It’s Better To Set Trends Or Follow Them?  Be A Trendsetter! Just Be Yourself People Always Respect That. Followers Get No Respect. Never Did.. Never Will!

If You Could Design Your Own Clothing Line What Would The Brand Be Called And What Kind Of Style Would It Consist Of?                                                                                                                   If  I Could Design My Own Clothing Line?  Ummm My Uncle Has His Own Clothing Line Called “HOOD AUTHENTIC”. If I Had A Say So In That It Would Be All “HOOD” Cargo Shorts And T-shirts, Something Simple.

If You Could Date Any Model Who Would It Be?

          This Is A Hard Question Lol Because There Are So Many Beautiful Models Out There .I Want Them All, Lol! But If I Had To Pick One It Would Have To Be Freida Pinto She’s Gorgeous. Now If You Said Artist I Wish I Could Date Alicia Keys, Because Our Babies Would Be Beautiful Lol!

Are You Single?

  No, Currently I’m Taken

Whats Your Favorite Sports Team?
Football Miami Dolphins
Basketball Philadelphia 76ers, But Kobe And Blake Griffin Are My Favorite Players
Baseball: Philadelphia Phillies

Whats A Message You Live By?
Keep Moving Forward- Walt Disney

If You Could Go Back In Time And Rock Any Style Of Clothes. What Would It Be?

It Would Have To Be Around The 1930’s, With The Mobster Style Suits And The Women Wore Classy Gowns. I Think That Would Be Cool.

How Would Your Life Change If You Became A Male Model?

   My Life Wouldn’t Really Change Much Besides The Fact That My Main Focus Would Be On My Modeling Career.

                    The Mogul Minute Thanks You Davon “Yamz ” Gaskins  And I Wish  All Your Dreams Come True

To Find Out More Info  Click Here To Check Out His Twitter Or Congratulate Him!!


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