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The Mogul Minute : Mr.X William Byrd

The Mogul Minute



Height: 6’2”

Weight: 172

Waist: 32

Inseam: 32

Shoe: 11.5

William Byrd

William Byrd Is Featured As A Mr.X For His X-Tra Dedication , X- Exhibiting A Great Work Ethic And , Being X-Tra On The Grind.

Mr.William Byrd Is Handsome Amongst A Host Of Other Things :He’s A Criminal Justice Major, Improve Classes, Photographer, Model, Show Host, Actor, Music Videos, Graphic Designer, Brand Model

Personality: Upbeat, Out-Going, Lively, Very Easy To Get A Long With, Open minded, Intelligent, Reliable

1.What/Who Inspired You To Model?

I First Became Inspired To Model By Watching Will Smith On TV. Ive Always Wanted To Be In Front Of A Camera. (Video Or Photo)

2.If You Could Model For Any Brand What Would It Be And Why?

Diesel And Armani

3.What Other Business Endeavors Are You Involved In..Besides Modeling?

I Am The CEO Of A Production Company Called TriLiteProductions. We Cater To Everything In The Entertainment Industry And Have The Talent, Equipment And The Contact To Make Your Next Project Turn Out FLAWLESS.

4.What’s Your Favorite Thing To Do When Your Not Working?

I Like To Sing And Be Active. I Like Playing Basketball And Football. I’m Going To Start Learning And Being Involved In Free Running (Parkour)

5.How Important Do You Think Voting Is In This Election?

Voting Is Always Important In Any Election. As A People You Cannot Get Mad At The People Making The Decisions If You Didn/t Make The Decision To Vote For Who You Wanted Your Voice To Be Heard ! VOTE!!

6.Have You Done Any Traveling ,If Not Where Would You Love To Travel Too?

I Am From The East Coast (Philadelphia, Pa) I Haven’t Traveled  Too Much. It Is My Goal To Step Foot On 20 Different States And 20 Different Countries This Year. My Destination Of Choice As Of Right Now Would Have To Be France.

7.Did You Ever Think About Giving Up On Your Dream?

I’ve Never Thought About Giving Up. If I Did That Would Give My Haters The Satisfaction Of Being Right. I Live To Prove People Wrong About Me. Show Them What I’m Really Made Of.

8.How Does It Feel To Be One Of The First The Mogul Minute Mr.X’s Of 2012?

It Is An Honor. I Love The Fact That I Can Be One Of The First Faces Of The Year 2012. It Is Only The Beginning And I Will Carry That Title Proudly And Embody Everything That It Means.

9.Whose Your Favorite Music Artist?

My Favorite Music Artist Is Eminem As Far As Rap And Micheal Jackson Over All. I Look At Both Of Them As Game Changers In This Industry.

10.What Would You Like The Mogul Minute Supporters To Know About You?

I Am Very Outgoing And Fun To Be Around. I Work Hard On My Craft And Am Always Looking To Make Myself Better. I Want To Work With And Collab With EVERYONE That Is Positive And Works Hard as I Do.

Follow @TheRealWillByrd

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The Mogul Minute Mr.X : Keyaun Levy

Not Only Is 21 Year Old Keyaun Levy  Appealing To The Eye But His Personality, Dreams , And Hot Body Are Also Appealing To The Mind.He Also Attends CZW Wrestling Academy To Train And Master The Skills Of Wrestling.

The Future Model And WWE Wrestler Plans On Being Very Successful And Well Known.

This Leo Has Major Plans And Goals For The Future.  He’s Good Looking ,  Intelligent, Confident, Laid Back, And Ready To Take His Dreams To The Next Level.

Keyaun Was Chosen As A Mr.X  On The Mogul Minute For Being X-Tra Hot, X-Tra Confident ,  And For Aiming At The Stars X-Tra High.

Check Out This Interview

If You Could Be On The Cover Of Any Magazine What Would It Be?
I Would Want To Be On The Cover Of Vibe Magazine.

Whats Your Biggest Dream?                                                                                               
To Wrestle At Wrestlemania.                                                                                                         

Whats Your Favorite Food?

Jamaican Food Is My Favorite.  

Who’s Your Favorite Music Artist?


If You Could Change Anything About The World What Would It Be?

I Would Change The School System In Urban City So Kids Have A Fighting Chance In The World.

What Do You Look When Dating Female?

I Like A Women Who Is Both Beautiful And Intelligent, And Who Will Always Be By My Side No Matter What.

What Do You Love To Do In Your Spare Time?

I love to party, flirt, travel, and chill with friends and training.

Name A Few Of Your Inspirations?

The Rock Or Steve Nash .

Where’s Your Favorite Place To Travel?


Remember The Name Keyaun Levy Because Its Going To Be Chanted At Future WWE Wrestlemania Matches And Remember His Face Because It Will Definitely Be On The Cover Of A Magazine.

Thank You Keyaun Levy .The Mogul Minute Wishes You A Happy Upcoming Birthday!!

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The Mogul Minute :Mr.X Davon “Yamz ” Gaskins



 2o Year Old Davon “Yamz” Gaskins Is More Than Just A Handsome Ball Player. Although He Is Athletic, Talkative, Funny And Charming He‘s Also A Big Dreamer And Goal Chaser. Philadelphia Is A City Known For History, Art And Music. However Some Situations That Occur Can Make You Quit Or Give Up On Your Hopes And Dreams. However Davon Is Continuing To Push And Excel At All He Wants To Achieve. The Penn State Student Works Hard And Is Aiming High Amongst The Stars. He Wants To Enter The Music Industry And He Has Already Started On That Goal By Starting “Yamz Ent” And Working Closely With His Two Artists Black Kent And Pooda Dappa. One Thing About Davon Is Amongst His  Intriguing Smile And Nice Hair He Knows How To Throw A Hot Party .. So Hopefully One Day Soon You’ll Get To Attend One Of His Parties .

 Davon Is Working Really Hard So He Was Chosen As A Mr.X For His X-Tra Dedication , X-Tra- Hardworking , And X-Tra Charming Personality

For The  First Mogul Minute Models And Fashion Week

What Is Your Biggest Dream?

      My Biggest Dream Is For My Brother And I To Be Successful At Whatever We Do .We Want To Live The Life That We’ve Dreamed About Since We Were Kids.

 If You Could Wear Any Designer For The Rest Of Your Life Who Would It Be And Why?

      It Would Have To Be Ralph Lauren Polo Because It’s Not Too Flashy And Its Perfect For All Occasions.

Do You Think It’s Better To Set Trends Or Follow Them?  Be A Trendsetter! Just Be Yourself People Always Respect That. Followers Get No Respect. Never Did.. Never Will!

If You Could Design Your Own Clothing Line What Would The Brand Be Called And What Kind Of Style Would It Consist Of?                                                                                                                   If  I Could Design My Own Clothing Line?  Ummm My Uncle Has His Own Clothing Line Called “HOOD AUTHENTIC”. If I Had A Say So In That It Would Be All “HOOD” Cargo Shorts And T-shirts, Something Simple.

If You Could Date Any Model Who Would It Be?

          This Is A Hard Question Lol Because There Are So Many Beautiful Models Out There .I Want Them All, Lol! But If I Had To Pick One It Would Have To Be Freida Pinto She’s Gorgeous. Now If You Said Artist I Wish I Could Date Alicia Keys, Because Our Babies Would Be Beautiful Lol!

Are You Single?

  No, Currently I’m Taken

Whats Your Favorite Sports Team?
Football Miami Dolphins
Basketball Philadelphia 76ers, But Kobe And Blake Griffin Are My Favorite Players
Baseball: Philadelphia Phillies

Whats A Message You Live By?
Keep Moving Forward- Walt Disney

If You Could Go Back In Time And Rock Any Style Of Clothes. What Would It Be?

It Would Have To Be Around The 1930’s, With The Mobster Style Suits And The Women Wore Classy Gowns. I Think That Would Be Cool.

How Would Your Life Change If You Became A Male Model?

   My Life Wouldn’t Really Change Much Besides The Fact That My Main Focus Would Be On My Modeling Career.

                    The Mogul Minute Thanks You Davon “Yamz ” Gaskins  And I Wish  All Your Dreams Come True

To Find Out More Info  Click Here To Check Out His Twitter Or Congratulate Him!!


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