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The Mogul Minute : Tyrese Gibson “A Dreamer’s Dream”

After Watching Blaire Underwood In Bishop  T.D. Jake’s “Women Thou Art Loosed: On The 7th Day” ( Great Movie) & Lack Of Sleep I Was Inspired To Watch Tyrese Gibson’s “A Dreamer’s Dream”. The Video Is So Inspiring And A Must See For Everyone. Philly’s Own Jill Scott, And Actor  Blair Underwood Also Participate In This Vision That Tyrese Brought To Life. This Video  Touched The Hearts And Minds Of Many All Over The World.The Message In This Video Is So Powerful . How Does It Make You Feel? What Can You Take From It?

 In 2001 I  Visited The National Civil Rights Museum In Memphis Tennessee With My Family . The Museum Was Once  The Historic  Lorraine Hotel. I Remember Staring Into The Room That Dr.Martin Luther King Jr Once Rested In And Feeling Chills Up My Spine. I Was Standing In The Middle Of History , A Story , A Movement. The Emotion Was Mind Blowing.

I Felt Strong And I Felt Motivated To Change.

As I Stood Outside And Looked Upon The Balcony That Dr.Martin Luther King Jr Was Assassinated On I Felt Upset  Then I Realized How Much He Fought , What He Changed , And Whom He Inspired.

Please Share And If You Can Be Sure To Visit The National Civil Rights Museum It’s An Experience You Will Never Forget.

Click Here For More Info

Be Encourage, Be Inspired, They Made History So You Can Make History !

I Have A Dream .Do You Have A Dream ?

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The Mogul Minute : Asks For Your Help ! End The Violence

All Across The Internet Videos Are Posted Of Fights At Restaurants , Schools, Parking Lots, Houses, Clubs And Neighborhoods For Entertainment.

However In Actuality Who Is This Entertaining ? Bystanders Are Being Injured, Children Are Emotionally And Physically Damaged And Lives Are Taken Or Viciously Attacked Because Of The 5 To 10 Minute Videos.

During My Teem Years In High School Watching Fights Or Being Involved In Fights Was An Action I Highly Disapproved Of.

Its Almost 2 AM And The Recent Fight Videos I Am Aware Of Have Saddened Me And Drive Me To Post This Blog.

To All My Readers And Supporters I Am Asking That You Join Me On This Fight To End A Fight.

Cyberbullying Is Leading To These In Person Fights And It Needs To Stop.

These Videos Do Nothing But Stir Up And Cause More Fights.

What If You Happen To See Your Sister , Brother, Cousin , Niece Or Nephew Online Being Beaten With Shoes, Wooden Bats, Or Being Jumped By 10 People.These Fights Are Trending And Instead of Keeping It Going Lets End It . Sign This Blog If You Think That Cyberbullying And These Videos Are Allowing It To Continue.

These Fight Videos Not Only lead To Heartache An Pain Of The Victim But Possible Suicide  , Deadly Injuries, And Damage Amongst Families.

Its 2012 And There Has Already Been 20 Murders In The Philadelphia Area..Its Saddening .

As A 20 Year Old With  Big Dreams, I Care About My Younger Generation And We Have To Pave The Way For Them.

Celebrities Are You Aware Of These Videos… The Kids Look Up To You Please Speak Out.

Micheal Jordan So Many Teenagers Have Been Killed Or Injured Over Your Sneakers Can You Please Speak Out.

Tired Of Being Quiet ..Its Time To Speak.

Maybe This Doesn’t Bother Yall But It Sure As Hell Bothers Me .

These Kids Are Dying Before They Get To See College And Its Terrible .

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The Mogul Minute Radio : 1 Yr Anniversary

At 12:00 AM The Mogul Minute Radio Show Officially Turned 1 Yrs Old.

At 1:23 AM I’m Realizing That This Movement Is So Powerful And That It Means A Lot !

I Am Humbled, Honored, And Very Appreciative By All The Love And Support!

The Show Has Gained So Many Listens And Featured Some  Amazing Guests .

The Mogul Minute TV And Website Has Also Opened Doors And Featured Some Amazing People.

The Mogul Minute Means The World To Me. Its A Dream Thats Growing And Moving Forward Each And Every Day !

Thank You To All Of You That Have Contacted Me Via Twitter, Facebook, Email, Phone And Let Me Know You Like What The Mogul Minute Is Doing.

To All My Amazing Guest You Guys And Girls Are So Special And Talented  . Its Great To Know All f You And To Be On This Journey That God Has For  Us.

This Is A Great Feeling And This Is Only The  Start Of So Much More.. Stay Tuned There Is So Much More On The Way  .

Its Just So Amazing And Humbling When I Look At The Views Or See The Numbers Increase On The Site And The Radio Show.

Its Also Amazing When I See The List Of Countries , Cities , And States That Tune Into The Mogul Minute.

Its Truly A Blessing And I Am So Happy About It! Thank You .

I Plan On Making A Difference And Continuing To Grow !

The Mogul Minute Is A Movement .

“Don’t Just Be Anything Be A Mogul” “Use Your Words To Speak Things Into Existence And You Can Be A Mogul In A Minute” !

Love Always xoxo

The Mogul Minute Website

The Mogul Minute Radio

The Mogul Minute : Beyonce & Jay-Z Welcome Their Diva

Welcome To The World Princess Carter! Love Aunty Rih

Was Tweeted A Little Over 34 Minutes Ago By


It Is Official Beyonce Giselle Knowles (Beyonce) And Sean Carter ( Jay-Z) Welcome Their First Daughter Blue Ivy Carter “ Into The World.

The Anticipation Of Their Daughter Has Stirred Up Conversations From Hair Salons, Various Blog Sites, And Television.

On The 2011 MTV Awards Beyonce Revealed She Was With Child During Her “Love On Top” Performance.

Key Word During The Entry “I Want You To Feel The Love That Is Growing Inside Of Me”.

This Evening Beyonce And Jay-Z Secured A Whole Entire Floor At New York’s Lennox Hospital On The Upper Eastside.

Jay-Z And Beyonce Has Showed That Their Truly Is Love In Music .

Congratulations Jay-Z And Beyonce On Your Little Diva!

                                                                                                                Now The World Awaits A Picture

The Mogul Girl And The Mogul Minute Wishes You Many Blessings And Tons Of Smiles .

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TheMogulMinute : Congratulations JohnBoy

On December 1, 2011 JohnBoy Became An Official Member

Of Soulja Boy Tell Em  #SODMG!

Soulja Boy Founded His Own Label #SODMG In 2004.

The Label Has Offered Amazing Opportunities To Follow Their Dreams And Make Hot Music.

JohnBoy Has Been Working Really Hard And Preparing

Himself For That Big Day When He’s Be Offered A Deal And Finally That Day

Came True.

I Have Been Watching And Very In Tune With His Music Career For Many Years .

I Remember Having JohnBoy’s “Where’s My Haters?”Song

On My MySpace Profile.

I Also Had The Opportunity Of Interviewing Him Twice .

I Think JohnBoy Is Talented , Humble, Hardworking , And Serious And His Dream Finally Came True.

I Was Super Excited When I Found Out That He Has Officially Been Signed To #SODMG!

JohnBoy Has Definitely Showed Love To #TheMogulMinute

And Its Very Appreciated And #TheMogulMinute Has Definitely Showed It Back .

So Definitely Do Your Thing JohnBoy And #LetThatBoyCook #GeeSH !

Make Sure You Congratulate Him By Tweeting #CongratsJohnBoy To @JohnBoy On Twitter And #WiiUS #SODMG

Much Love @JohnBoy Told You You’d Make It !

Also If You Want A #WiiUs T-Shirt Hit Up JohnBoy ASAP !

S/O To JohnBoy Producer Jo .G ( L.E.B) #WiiUs 

Stay Tuned For More


Remember To Never Give Up Even When You Start To Think You Can Remember You CAN




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Thoughts Of The Future

Recently I’ve Been Doing A lot Of Thinking About What The Future Holds.I’ve Been Hearing My Whole Life That My Future Would Be Great And So Far My It Is  .Just Thinking About Whom I Will Meet In My Future And The Places I Will Go, Intrigues Me Each Day . At 19 I Have Accomplished A lot And I Truly Am Proud Of Myself, But I’m Not Satisfied.I Want So Much More And I’m Willing To Work For It. Doors Are Opening Up Left And Right For Me And I Truly Am I Exited To See What And Who Will Be Behind The Doors Of My Future However Being A “Young Mogul” Requires A Lot Of Handwork And Dedication.It Also Requires Sleep Which I Don’t Get A lot Of But In Order To Get To My Future I Have To Take Care Of Me.So From Now I’m On I’m Dedicating Myself A Spa Day Each Week Thanks To My Big Sister.

I’m 19 Now By 21 I’ll Be Graduating With A B.A. In Corporate Communications Who Knows What Else I’ll Accomplish At 21 You Just Have To Wait And See!

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