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The Mogul Minute : Interview With Stay Custom Clothing

For What’s New ! What’s Hot & How To Get It Welcome To The Mogul Minute.
For All The Readers And Supporters The Mogul Minute Always Brings You What’s New And What’s Hot.
Stay Custom Clothing Is A Hot New Clothing Line Worn By Supporters And Celebrities.
“Kiss My Swag” Has Become A Popular Saying On Cloth
ing All Across The USA. So Check Out This Exclusive Interview With The Designer And Owner Of “Stay Custom Clothing” Anthony Clark.

1.Who Or What Inspired You To Start A Clothing Line ?

2.Where Do You Design Most Of Your Clothing ?
There Is No Particular Place That I Go To Design Most Of My Clothes. Designs/Concepts Usually Pop Into My Head Randomly. I Could Be Listening To A Song And Something Is Said That Automatically Creates A Visual Design In My Mind. If I Feel The Design Is Solid Enough Then I Begin The Process Of Taking It From My Imagination And Bringing It To Life.

3.Who Was The First Celebrity To Wear Stay Custom Apparel ?
Kanye West Was The First Celeb To Rock StayCustomClothing .. Here Is The Link To The Story.

4.Whats Your Favorite Movie?
I Have 3…The Matrix,Fast And Furious Pt.1 And Paid In Full

5. Whats Your Message To Upcoming Clothing Designers?
Ask Yourself Is This Something You Really Want To Do.If So,GRIND Day In And Day Out. If Your Determination Is Strong Enough People Will Start To See That And Doors Of Opportunity Will Open One After Another.

6.Are You A Music Lover ? What Are The Top 5 Songs Played On Your iTunes?

In No Particular Order Here Are 5 Songs That Are Currently In Rotation: 2 Chainz – “Spend It” , Yo Gotti -” Got Dem Racks”, Young Jeezy – “Supafreak”, Kirko Bangz – “Drank in My Cup”, Meek Mill – “Im Rollin”.

7.What Was The Last Book You Read And How Did It Affect You? The Last Book I Read Was Russell Simmons – Do You . This Book Showed Me That My Dreams Are Possible As Long As I Stay Focus And Dedicated To My Craft.

8.So far This Year What Event Has Stood Out To You The Most?

Personally: The Passing Of Whitney Houston . My Mother Use To Have Her Music Blasting Through Our House When We Lived In Chicago.
Also , Business: Getting My Clothing Line Into The Jean Machine .

9.If You Were President For The Day What Would You Change?

If I Were President I Would Create Some Kind Of Tax Only For The Rich That Will Be Given Directly To School Teachers. I Feel Teachers Is The Most Important Thing To Because They Directly Influence He Future Generations

10.How Does It Feel To Be Featured On The Mogul Minute Fashion Section ? It Feels Great To Have My Work Featured On The Mogul Minute

You Can Purchase Stay Custom Clothing Here
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The Mogul Minute : Shining With Tommy Stars

Recently Featured On MTV As A “Get In The Game Artist” Philly Artist  Tommy Stars Is The CEO Of Heat Club/Legendary Music .I Remember Seeing Tommy Stars On A Rap DVD For The First Time And Hearing His Music On MySpace And Definitely Noticing He Was In His Own Lane With His Music. Tommy Stars Says What He Wants On A Track And He’s Always Been This Way. With Stars In His Name Thats What He Is Aiming For.His YouTube Videos Are Always Worth Watching Because You Never Know What You Will See .So Spend A Few Minutes, Check Out The Interview And Get To Know 

Tommy Starrrrrrrrrsssssss!

1.What Inspired You To Do Music?
God. Its Something That I Have Done My Whole Life. I Was In A Band In First Grand.  Music Was Constantly Played Throughout My House.  My Mom Was Heavy Into Jazz, Kenny G,Dave Grusin,Yellow Jackets Etc. My Dad Was Heavy Into Earth Wind And Fire,My Sister Had Madonna On Blast Non Stop, And My Brother Played NWA,Dre,Public Enemy Etc…..

2.You Wrote For TreySongz ,How Was That Experience?
Yes I Wrote A Few Tracks For Trey None Which Got Placement But Its Still Amazing To Know That The Music Your Writing Is Actually Going To Be Heard By One Of The Biggest R&b Forces In The Game Right Now. I Have Yet To Meet Trey. I’ve Been Invited Down To ATL But Just Have Not Made The Move As Of Yet. Most People Would Say You A Fool I Would Have Been Down There, But With Me Its More Business .He Has Heard The Music So When Songbook Is Ready To Use One Of My Songs Then I Will Be More Than Happy To Make That Visit Because I’ll See The Progress Rather Than Just Making A Trip To Be Up In Someone’s Face Just Because.

3.Out Of All Your Videos ..Which One Did You Have The Most Fun Filming?
Out Of The Ones That Ate Out Now, I Would Have To Say FOH . It Was Freezing Cold Out But Myself And Erin The Model Was racking Jokes And Play Fighting The Whole Time Trying  To Keep Warm. However, I Have A Video Called Sex, Weed, And Alcohol Which I Blast On Everybody.It Was A Multiple Day Shoot.

4.What Are You Currently Working On?
Taking Over The Game Getting My Buzz Up And Doing Shows And Features.Travel And I’m About To Drop My Mixtape FOH.

5.If You Could Change Anything About The Rap Game What Would You change?
Nothing. I Like The Game Its A Lot Of Money To Make Out There And Money To Be Made.New Energy, New Acts And I’m Going To Be One Of Those New Acts That Bring That Ne Money.

6.If You Had The Oppurtunity To Meet Anyone In History Who Would It Be?
God.I Don’t Think I Need To Explain That At All ..Lol.

7.If You Had To Listen To One Song On Repeat All Day What Would It Be And Why ?
Its Tons But What Pops In My Head Now Is Get Into The Groove By Madonna .Is The Perfect 80’s Song I Love Music. Its The Perfect 80’s Song I Love The 80’s.

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Watch His Interview On MTV Below


The Mogul Minute : Accepts Tyrese Gibson Open Invatation

From These  Words “Always Coca-Cola” , “Lately” Or “I Hate You Jodie” ! Tyrese Gibson Has Captured Our Full Attention Over The Years . Whether He’s On The Big Screen Or His Soulful Voice Playing From The Speakers Of The Stereo, Tyrese  Has Become A Hollywood Favorite.On November 24, 2011 At 4:oo AM EST / 1:00 AM PDT The Mogul Minute Accepted The Open Invitation To The World Of Mr.Tyrese Gibson! The 33 Year Old Singer,Songwriter,Actor, Model, Writer And Mogul Has Made A Big Impact On The Entertainment Industry .Since His First Appearance On The 1995 Coca-Cola Commercial.His Amazing Voice, Beautiful Smile And Handsome Looks Captured The Eyes And Ears Of Many.  At A Young Age Tyrese Landed  A Modeling Contract  With Tommy Hillfiger  As Well As The Marciano Brothers.After Five Years Of Venturing Off Into More Movies And Recently Releasing His Self-Help Book  “How To Get Out of Your Own Way” Tyrese Is Back With His Fifth Studio Album And ,First 1# Album     “Open Invitation”.Although Tyrese Is A Very Handsome Man HE IS The MAN ! Tyrese Has Also Used His Fame, To Inspire Others And Start The Watts Foundation To Uplift Children And Offer Them Great Opportunities !


At 4 :00 AM I Was Excited To Talk With The Star ! Mogul To Mogul I Was Very Interested In What He Had To Say About His  New Album And Get To Know The Man Behind The Beautiful Smile, Action Packed Movies, And Soulful/R&B Songs.

1.How Are You Going To Celebrate Your Thanksgiving?

Actually , I Celebrated Thanksgiving On The 20th, It Was A “Pre -Thanksgiving”. My Best Friends, Their Wives And Children Came Over . It Was A Good Time , I Might Have To Do A Part Two.

2.” Open Invitation” Is A Interesting Title , For Such A Great Album What Are You Inviting Your Fans And Supporters To Do ?

I’m Inviting Them To Hear My Heart On The Mic. I Put Everything Into The Album .There Is No Politics, No Label Drama, No A&R . I Just Want My Open Invitation To Be Embraced .

3.In 2000 When You Won Your First AMA For Fave New R&B/Soul Artist? What Was The First Thing You Thought Of?

I Couldn’t Believe  I Won. I Couldn’t Believe They Called My Name.I Was Very Honored And Greatful To Be Recognized By The AMA’s And My Fans .

4.Looking Back On Your Life From Now To The 1995 Coca-Cola Commercial , What Has Been Your Greatest Experience ?

You Know I Have To Many To Just Say One , I Can Just Say That For Me , Its Been Beyond Amazing Being Able To Travel .To Meet As Many People As I Have .I’ve Know Everybody From  Winnie Mandela To Quincy Jones, Will Smith To Oprah. I’ve Been Able To Meet Some Of The Most Powerful And Significant People In History. I Think I’ve Met Everybody But Martin Luther King Himself ( Laughs) . Its A Blessing In Itself That This Gift That God Has Gave Me To Act And Sing And Everything Else Has Put Me In The Presence Of Some Of The Most Powerful People In The World  Its Just Things Like That I Will Never Take For Granted.

5. I Also Wanted To Commend You On Starting The Watts Foundation , What Was Your Motive For Starting That And Whats Your Ultimate Goal?

My Motivation Was When I Was In The Hood Every Single Day For 17 , 18 Years, I Just Wished That There Were Certain Things That We Had Access To And Certain Programs That Were Available. So With My Watts Foundation I’m Hoping  To Initiate These Things.I Think A Lot Of People Forget About The Struggles And Issue And Things That Are Going On In The Hood Once You Have An Opportunity To Leave And Go Get Your Career Off The Ground.However These Issues Still Exist So Thats What Its Been About For Me.

6.When You Wrote How To Get Out Of Your Own Way Who Did You Have In Mind?

The Fans , Supporters, Book Readers, The People Into Self Help Books And Not Into Self Help Books At All.Its Like People Are More Inspired By Your Walk In Success. 1 Billion 700 Million Dollars In The Box Office Receipts , Its One Thing To Throw That Number Out There, Wow! Congratulations. But Its Another Thing To Give People Insight And Info On How One Day They Can One Day Be Apart Of A Huge Franchise Or A Movie. Its Very Important To Pay It Forward To Give People Insight And Information On How To Get To The Next Level In Their Life And Career, And That Is Why I Wrote It.

7. From One Mogul To Another Mr.Gibson You Are Doing Your Thing! We Know Your Brand Is Sexy And A Lot Of Celebrities Have Come Out With Colognes Are You Considering Releasing One? Not Right Now. I Tend To Things Different . I’m A Bit Of A Weirdo In My Own Way. Its A Bit Of Feeling.I’m Very Obedient .When God Says Do This .. I Say Okay And Jump Right On It.So I don’t Follow Trends And What Everybody Is Singing And How They’re Singing It Or What They’re Wearing In Their Videos. This Is What I’m Doing ! How I’m Doing It And When I’m Doing It !Hopefully , I’ll Find And Audience With Whatever I’m Doing So That’s Always The Hope.

8.What Is Your Advice That You Would Give To Others About Following Their Dreams?

The Best Advice I Could People Is Getting To The Top Of Your Career Isn’t Necessarily Just About Your Gifts And Talents .Its About Your Mentality, Your Surroundings And How Bad You Want It.So Many People Wake Up Everyday Saying They Want To Do This Or That But They’re Not Doing S### To Get To The Next Level.It’s Like Alright I Hear You But What Are You Doing?If You Want To Get To The Next Level In Your Career , Why Are Those Your Friends?You Don’t Even Like Your Friends , So Why Are They There?Its Like Your Riding Around Talking  Mess About  Your Own Friends Yet They’re Still There. Are You Lonely ? Are You Desperate To Have People Around You Because Their Clearly Not Adding To Your Life & Career.I Think So Many People Think  That Because You Can Sing  , Your Going To Get To The Top Of The Game.No! Its About The Way You Think And Your Surroundings. It’s About The People Directly Involved In Your Life And Career, Can Really Kill Your Career Single Handedly.There’s People Out Here That Sing, Look And Can Act Way Better Than Me But They Will Never Get Anything Off The Ground Because They Are Surrounded By Horrible People.

9.Now When Your Not Recording Or Doing Any Entertainment Things ?

Sitting On My Ass And Chilling With My Daughter.

I Had An Amazing Time Interviewing Tyrese Gibson! So Make Sure You Stay Tuned For More Movies , Music, And Videos.

The Mogul Minute Is Very Appreciative Of His “Open Invitation”!

Continue To Support Him And Get The Album!

One Of My Personal Favorites On The Album Is “Nothing On You”

Get Your Copy Of “Open Invitation “ Today

Click Here
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New Oficial Video “Stay

The Mogul Minute Wishes Tyrese Continued Continued Success And Many Blessings !

Happy Thanksgiving! Be Blessed And Continue To Shine, Make A Difference, And Inspire Others And Be A MOGUL!

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The Mogul Minute : Get To Know Allegra

                                                 Allegra Is Talented , Beautiful , And Definitely A Rock Star! 

After  A Recent Interview With  Chicago Artist PATMAN , I Came Across Allegra’s  Marvin’s Room Remix Video.Her Lyrics Were Tight And Her Sound Was Very Intriguing. I Definitely Had To Get In Touch With Her An Feature Her And Definitely Show You  Boys Again That #GirlPower Rocks ! So Check Out The Interview And Be Sure To Support Her. Not Only Is She A Talented Music Artist But She’s Also A College Girl  Which The Mogul Minute Definitely Supports ! So Keep Going Allegra .. Rock It Out !                                                                                                                                                                  

1.What Made You Want To Become A Music Artist?
I Just Always Loved Music. I Liked Being In Front Of People And Amazing Them With My Talent. Music Has Always Been There For Me. I Don’t Really Have A Personality To Work A Regular 9-5 I’m So Creative And I Express That Through My Music And I Just Want To Share That With The World Music Is Something That I Always Loved To  Listen To And When I Discovered My Ability To Write And Perform It Was A Wrap.From There, I Knew I Wanted To Take Being A Music Artist Serious And I Went From There.

2. Do You Have A Favorite Candy?
Reese Pieces & Hersheys With Almonds Lol!

3.When Your Not Recording What Do You Like To Do?
When I’m Not Recording I Love Love Love Chilling With A Fluffy Blanket A Large Pizza And A Good Movie. I Love Shopping! When I’m Not In The Studio, And Learning New Things, I’ll Read Or Watch The History Or Discovery Channel. I Want To Gain All The Knowledge I Can Because The More Knowledge You Have The More You Can Write/Rap & Sing About.

4.What Does Your Music Mostly Talk About?My Music Mostly Talks About Love, Past Experiences With It Whether It Be Good Or Bad, And Also About Living And Enjoying Life .

5. For People Who Do Not Know You What Do You Want Them To Know? I Want Them To Know I’m One Of The Nicest , Most Humble People They Will Ever Come Across.In Some Of My Music I May Come Off Cocky But I’m Not At All . I Get Compliments On How Humble I Am All The Time. It Makes My Day Because I Strive Hard To Stay Down To Earth.

6.What Other Female Artist Influence You? Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah, Remy Ma. Not just Rappers Either,Jane Jackson, Beyonce and Brittany Spears Have Also Influence Me Alot Over The Years.

7.If You Could Change Anything About The Music Industry What Would You Change?
 I Would Change How Most Of The Males Degrade Females In Their Music.It Makes These Guys Out Here Feel Like They Can Talk To Us And Treat Us Any Kind Of Way.They Have These Guys Out Here Thinking All You Need Is Have “Swagg” To Get By. Or That You Need “Money”, “A Benz”, A “Redbone”, Or A Different Girl Everyday To Be Cool. I Would Also Change  The Fact That When Artist Get Signed The Majority Of The Time They Are Limited In A Way  To Do What The Label Wants The To Do, Wear, And what To Make Music About.We Need To Go Back To The Old Days When Artists Were In Control.  

8. Your First Mixtape , Could You Explain The Concept For It? I Recorded My First Mixtape When I Was 15. It Was Called “Warning Volume 1” And Basically Every Song On There Went Hard Bar For Bar. I Was “Warning” Rappers And Hip Hop overs I Was Coming ,I Was Breaking On The Scene So Watch Out For Me.I Wanted Them To Be Warned Like “Don’t let My Age And Baby Face Fool You.I’m A Beast At This Rap Ish Lol.

                                                                    Check Out Allegra’s “Marvin’s Room” Video


Click Here To Download  Mixtape “Late For Orientation”

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Keep Rocking Allegra !!

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The Mogul Minute: Dream Chaser Lil Benji

A Few Weeks Ago On My  Facebook News Feed I Saw A Freestyle Video From An Amazing Young Teen .I Heard Her Flow , Saw Her Style, And Was Definitely Drawn In By Her Talent . Thanks To Grind Harder Magazine , I Was Introduced To Lil Benji. Lil Benji Is A 13-Yr Old Rapper From Philadelphia. She’s Working Real Hard And Is Definitely A Dream Chaser, So Stay Tuned For The Exclusive Interview With The Mogul Minute And Lil Benji .

1.What Does Music Mean To You ?
In My Opinion , Music Is My Life. If Music Didn’t Exist Some People Would Really Go Crazy, Because They Wouldn’t Be Able To Express Their Feelings Through Music. I Know I Would.

2.Who Are Some Of The Other Artist You Look Up To?
    Some Artists I Look Up To Are Eminem, Tupac, Mc Lyte. I Actually Think My Flow Is Inspired By These Three Individuals.
3What Are Your Plans For The Future?
    My Plans For The Future Is To Go To College & Learn More About The Business Part Of Music.Its Important Because Theres Way More Fields In The Industry Than Just Being A Rapper Or Singer.So 20 Years From Now , I Plan On Being A Very Successful Music Executive.
4.Out Of Your Songs That You’ve Recorded Which One Means Alot To You?
    All Of My Songs Actually Have A Special Place In My Heart. But The One That Means The Most Is My Dreamchasers Freestyle Because It Wasn’t Just A Freestyle, It Was A Prelude To My Story.
5. You Have A Dope Stye Do You Have A Fave Brand Of Clothes?
     No , Honestly I Don’t Have A Favorite Brand. Clothing Wise You Can Say I Like  To Be Urban But Still Maintain To Stay Comfortable In What I’m Wearing.
6. Are There Any Artist You Want To Collab With In The City?
    Theres Not Many , But They Would Have To Be Young Savage , Yazz , Lean Bean , Lee Mazin , Young Sam , & Sincerely Tahj.
7.Why Did You Pick The Name Benji 

Its Funny , Cause I Didn’t Pick That Name – One Of My Friends Did. It Started As A Nickname In School Cause My Real Name Is Benjamina But Then They Started Calling Me Benji So I Took It And Ran With It.
8.Is There Any Thing Else You Want The Mogul Minute Readers To Know?
  Life On Jupiter Vol. 1 COMING SOON ! Team Benji / TBOKY Merchandise Is COMING SOON ALSO . & Follow Me On Twitter @Lil_Benji

Lil Benji Is Shining And She’d Headed To The Top ! Just Keep Your Eyes On Her ..!

She Def Has Support From The Mogul MInute !!

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The Mogul Minute : The Biz With A&R Alan Pugach Barker

The Mogul Minute Is Your Source To What’s New! What’s Hot! & How To Get It!

The Site, Radio And TV Show Always Putting The Spotlight On A Talented Individual Who Is Going Hard And Not Giving Up. Well Alan Pugach Barker Is Going Super Hard And Making The Best Out Of Life. Not Only Is He An A&R For Many New Producers That Worked With 50 Cent, Rick Ross, And Young Money (Just To Name A Few. He Also Is A Creative Model Director .Not Only Is Alan Well Connected In The Industry Musically But Fashionably As Well. He Is The Designer Bow Down Clothing. Alan Pugach Barker Is Definitely Mogul Minute Approved. His Models Have Been Featured On Magazines, WSHH, And Many Other Various Shoots And Videos (Featured Below) . His Clothing Has Been Worn By Many Celebs And Featured In Ozone Magazine And The Front Cover Of Gutta Magazine.

What Made You Want To Get Into The Entertainment Industry?

Grew Up Into It My Family Were Musicians. My Father Was In A Band In Buenos Aires, Argentina. My Mother Did Jingles For Commercials And Sings And So On. I Was Always Around Studio Equipment And I Love Business. Especially your Own, Nothings Better Then Being Your Own Boss And Working Your Own Way Up.

 How Has Your Life Changed Since You’ve Become An A& R?

Life’s More The Same These Days. You Don’t Really Have To Travel And Go Crazy To Make Ends Meet. Just more Contacts, More Business And Some Traveling To Take Care A Few Deals. Know What I Mean?

Do You Have A Fave Celeb To Work With?

I’d Like To Work With Dr. Dre & Eminem. I Know A Few People In That Small Circle But That Kind Of Stuff Never Jumps To Mind When I’m Doing Business But That Would Be Nice.

What Do You Love To Do In Your Free Time?

Chill, Kill And Fulfill A Thrill. 

How Did Your Clothing Line “Bow Down” Get Started And How Has It Progressed?

Just Did It For Promo, I Only Did It To Get People To Know That I Do Know These “Celebrities”. If They Don’t Know Who You Are, They Won’t Believe A Word You Say. So Sometimes You Have To Prove It To Them. I Got More To Come Than The Clothing Line, That’s For Sure.

What Do You Have Planned For The Future?

Working With The D.O.C., Had A Few Talks With Him Last Year & Recently, We’ll See What’s Up. Can’t Say The Name Of The Track Yet But I Got a Young Money Video Coming Out Soon, Sponsored By Me &You Guys Will See The Name Also A Short Dawg Video With Some Of The Promo Shirts And What Not. Doing Some Music Work With Lola Monroe, Possibly For Her Single, We’ll See And So On.

What’s The Hardest Thing About Being An A&R?

I Suppose What’s Hard Is Getting The  Connects And Making Business Happen, Got To Have A Relationship , Their Attention, Someone To Believe In You But If You Have A lot Of Money Its Easier For You But You Still Need The Right Vision And Understanding Of The Business, Can’t Be  Completely Blank on It , Not Even Money Will Let You Work With That Sometimes..

7. What Have You Produced?

More Executively Produced, Than Anything Right Now. “My” Tracks Will Be On For The Future Right Now I’m Working  With Producers That Have Worked With Young Money , Rick  Ross, Meel Mill, Cashis , Royce Da 5’9” ( With Eminem) Etc. the Recent Track Besides The Current Ones In The Making , Was Kid Ink- “ Hold It Downn” Off  That Daydreamer Mixtape Hosted By Dj Ill Will. They Are Going To Make 5 More Videos Off That Mixtape As Well, One Of Them Might Be Ours.

Advice To Artist That Want To Be In The Industry?

Like Anything Else, Make Connects, Learn How To Market Yourself, Get Yourself Features, etc. Learn The Business, In The End Its Not About The Music & Talent Its About Business   10% Talent, %90 Business And Sometimes Money Talks .Most People I See Have Studios , Equipment ,They Have Many Tracks But That’s Where It Ends. If Your Serious About It Then, Learn the Business And Get Things Going Otherwise It’s Just For Fun.

To Get In Touch With Alan Tweet Him Here

Also Visit His Website By Clicking Here

The Mogul Minute Thanks Alan Pugach Barker For This Interview It Seriously Is Important To Be Talented But  Knowing  The Business Is The Key.

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The Mogul Minute : This Is 50 Tyson

Courage, Strength, Hope, And Determination Our A Few Words That Came To Mind When I Saw 50 Tyson On WSHH For The First Time. His Video For “I Ain’t Gonna Lie” Hit The Internet In September of 2010 And He’s Gained So Much Attention Since The Release. His Passion And Love For Making Music Stood Out And He Had Everyone Quoting Lines From His Songs. Although 50 Tyson Makes Catchy Music And Is Grinding Hard To Make It To The Top, He Also Deals With Autism. According To The CDC 1 In 110 Children Are Born With Autism. Currently There Is No Cure But The Mogul Minute’s Hopes And Prayers Go Out To Anyone Affected By It And Hope That One Day Soon There Will be A Cure. 5o Tyson Has Not Let Autism Beat Him. Instead He Stands Up For What He Loves And Represents For Others With Any Disability , That They Can Follow Their Dreams And Never Give Up . He Is Strong And Prepared To Take Things To The Next Level. The Mogul Minute Reached Out To 5o Tyson And Here Is The Interview .

Who Do You Look Up To ?

I Look Up To  50 Cent , Soulja Boy. LLoyd banks And Mike Tyson .

If You Could Work With Anybody In The Industry Who Would It Be And Why?

50 Cent , Because We’re Alike. I Think If We Did Collabs People Would Show More Love And They Would Like Us Making Music Together.

How Has Troy Hudson Affected Your Life ?                                                                                          

When We Met He Told Me I Had A Lot Of God Given Talent, Once He Signed Me To Hudson Records He’s Pushed Me To Work Harder And Is Helping Me Take Things To The Next Level.

Your First Two Singles “I Ain’t Gonna Lie ” And ” I Don’t Know How To Dougie But I Know How To Diddi”  How Did You Feel About Them?

I Ain’t Gonna Lie Was My First Video And People Felt It And Showed Love . I Don’t Know How To Dougie But I Know How To Diddi Was A Dance, Fun Song.A Lot Of People Liked It And Stuff Like That. The Video Had Good Dancers  .Also Monique Moy  And Nerdy Star.

What Does Your First Mixtape “I Ain’t Gonna Lie Volume 1  ”  Which Was Hosted By Deejay Whoo Kid ( G-Unit) Mean To You?

It Means A Lot . People Liked It . At The Release A Lot Of People Opened Up And Came Out To Support Me, And People Started To Buy The Music On iTunes. 

Heard That You Were Looking At College , Which One Are You Looking At?

A 3 Yr College In Minnesota .

Is There Anything Else Your Interested In Besides Music?

I Want To Act, Cook, Manage People, Have My Own Label , And Just Get Better In The Music Business.

How Has Autism Affected You And Whats Your Message To Others ?

I Was Diagnosed When I Was 3. People Don’t Let Nothing Stop You , Just Cause You Have Autism Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Rap  Or Sing. Just Work Hard, And Don’t Let Nobody Stop You From Your Dream.

What Do You Have In Store For The Future?

Do Me , Do Bigger Things . Stay In school , Work Hard, Do Shows , Focus On My Career And Keep Pushing.

You Can Purchase Shirts From 50 Tyson Here

Thank You 5o Tyson For Doing The Interview . The Mogul Minute Wishes You The Best.Continue To Stand Strong And Fight. Don’t Ever Give Up .

Love Always xoxo

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The Mogul Minute: A Look Into The World Of Diesel

Diesel Is A Not Only The Name Of Fuel. But Also The Name Of A Man That Is Fueling The Industry With The Hot Music And Pushing Artist To Drive To The Top.  Born On January 3rd In Watts , California Ronald “Diesel” Bell Was Born.At Age 11 He Was Formerly Introduced To Music At Age 11 , And Then He Learned The Fundamentals Of Producing .Growing Up In Watts California Diesel Faced Many Obstacles And Challenges. In 2001 Diesel  Lost His Mother To An Act Of Violence . After  Diesel Decided To “Bring The True Essence Of Music Back”. Not Only Was Diesel Interested In Music But His Family Was Musically Inclined As Well. His father Ronald “Ronnie D” Bell Is A Former Member Of The  Band “The Bloodstones”

Formally Known For Their Top Ten Hit “Natural High”. Diesel Also Is Cousins With Kevin McCall. Diesel and Kevin Combined Forces Based On Their Love And Passion For Music And Created The Production Team Titled   “Mac-Diesel”.The Production Team Mac-Diesel Is Credited Under Grammy Nominated Song “Deuces” (Chris Brown , Kevin McCall, And TYGA).

The Production Team  Mac-Diesel Also Attributed To  The Following Songs

“F**k Them All” Kevin McCall ft Chris Brown And Diesel (In My Zone 2 Mixtape) “Ain’t Thinking About You” Bow Wow Ft Chris Brown” Invented Head” Chris Brown On (In My Zone Mixtape)

“Freaky I’m Is Kevin McCall Ft Chris Brown And Diesel (Un-Invited Guest Mixtape)
“360” Off Kevin McCall ft Chris Brown And Tyga (Un-Invited Guest Mixtape)

With A Dream To Go Above And Beyond In His Music Career, Mac-Diesel Is Ready To Take On The Challenge From All Directions. The Mogul Minute Enjoys The Music Produced, Or Written By The Production Team So An Interview With Diesel Himself Was A Must Have. Learning About The Man Behind The Music That We Hear On The Radio, Concerts, Or In The Comfort Of Our Home.

So Check Out The Interview Here With Diesel [ The Producer, Artist, Songwriter, Vocal Coach , And Rapper]

What  Influences You Musically?

My Family Legacy Plays A Major Part In All Of It. Its In My Blood.My Goal Is To Get My Voice To Every One In The World Willing To Hear It “.

Is There Any Track In Particular That You Loved Producing The Most?

I Love Every Track At The Time When I’m Making It.It’s Like It Always Comes Out Better And Better Each Time But The Most Exciting Had To be “F**** Them All” With Chris Brown.

What Is The Driving Force In Your Career?

No One Can Stop You From Reaching Your Goal If Your Consistent. Always Anticipate Success, If You Believe You Can Or Can’t Do Something Your Right.

Deuces Was Nominated For A Grammy, How Did That Feel?

I Was More Proud Of Kevin Than Anything On Behalf Of Him Being Producer, Writer, And Artist On The Record And Being The First Grammy Nominee In Our Family.

Whats Your Favorite Music Memory As A Child ?

 I Grew Up In N.Y On My Mom’s Side Of The Family That Had Little Musical Influence On Me. But My Dad Was A Singer At The Time Mom Would Always Says “Thats Yo Daddy”.So, I Would Have To Say Hearing My Dad On The Radio  Is My Favorite Music Memory Hands Down !

What Are You Currently Working On ?

I Am Doing A Lot Of Writing And Networking At The Time And Helping K Mac (Kevin McCall ) With His Album.Soon It Will Be My Turn To Be In The For Front So Be Prepared.

Is There Anything You Want The World To Know ?

Superstars Are People Just Like The Rest Of Us. We All Have A Special Calling Mapped Out For Us So Even If Your Not On TV Or In The Paper You Are A Star To Some One .

Word Of Advice To Other Producers?

Its Not Dope To Say I Made That Beat In 5 Minutes And Then You Have To  Ask People How They Feel About It. Its Dope When You Take Time And Pride In Your Craft. Let Their Actions Speak For Them .

The Mogul Minute Thanks Diesel For Doing The Interview. Wish You The Best In All Your Career And To All Of Whom You Work With. Continue To Shine And Fuel The Industry With Hot Music. Let Your Voice Be Heard And Don’t Ever Give Up .

Love Always Mogul xoxo

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“Introducing Def Jam Artist Keeb”

“Great artists come around every now and again, armed with the true love for their craft that most artists of our time forget. These artists find joy in capturing crowds and giving the masses a level of creativity that most will find hard to forget. Marcus ‘Keeb’ Marquez is one of those rare artists. The man, that most people recognize by his combat boot and designer jacket attire is referred to as the ‘Diddy’ of Chicago. Throughout his life Keeb has done everything from producing to rapping to managing. Taking time to focus on his personal career Keeb has been constantly on his grind, developing song after song, touching on a variety of themes, mostly catering to the love he has for women….” — Excerpt from a music review of Keeb, written by Tyler McDermott”
– Written by Tyler McDermott, El Mestiso. (Feb 25, 2011)

During Late Night Promoting And Networking , I Came Across This Young Artist From Chicago, Illinois.

His Upbeat Look And Hot Style Intrigued Me To Check Him Out A Little Bit More.

During My ” Find Out More Escapade” I Discovered His Music .

Keeb Is Putting A New Spin On His Music And Style.

So Check Out Our Interview Below.

Who Are Some Of Your Major Influences?

Nelly, Kanye West, T.I, Jay-Z

How Did You Get Involved With Music?

Fun Story At first I Didn’t Want To Rap. I Always Wanted To Be Like Puff Daddy, At First Just Being A Boss Was Cool. But When Nelly Came Out People Were Telling Me I Look Like Him And I Should Start Making Music. At First I Was Like No , But Then I Saw How All The Girls Were Going Crazy Over Him. So I Entered A Showcase And Won And ever Since Then I Been Making music.

What Are You Currently Working On ?

I’m Working On Two Pop/ Hip-Hop Albums Called Light Up The Night & The Hang-Over.. Also Performing At Shows Around The Country. I’m Also Producing And Writing Songs For Other Artist As Well.

How Does It Feel To Be Compared To Diddy?

It Feel’s Great To Be Compared To Diddy . I Guess My Hard Work Speaks For It Self. I Produced Other Artist As Well . I Use To Host Shows,Open Mic’s and Showcase In Downtown Chicago. I Was Alsom Featured In A Few Movies Out Here In Chicago. The First One Was Entitled ” Naomi” In Which I Played Her Son. In The Movie My Characters Na,e Was Dwight. In The Second Movie “The Laundromat ” I Played A Drug Dealer In the Film. I Love Working With Other People , I’m A People’s Person. My Ambition To Succeed Can’t Be Stopped , No Matter What Is Put In Front Of Me.

Whats Your Favorite Song Right Now?
My Song Anywhere & My Baby….Also My New Pop Song Party All DAY

How Was It Performing Alongside Sean Garret ?

Wow, that was crazy!! Sean Garret Is Really Down To Earth. We Were At A Club called ‘Spy Bar” For This Grammy U Event. He Conversed With My Team And I About The Music Industry And How To Stay True To Yourself When It Comes Down To Making Music.

Who Are Some People You Have Collabed With Musically?

D’Andre Horn/ DeWattz/ Jon FAT BOY Short/ Miriam L. Wade/ Kekei Valentine/ Excel/ Demarcus Chi Jones Watson/ Titus Ramiz/ Grimey Grinch/ Amanda Wafford/ J Will/ MACK G/ WILLY WEST!!/ A GAME/ KATERPILLAR/

Whats Your Fave Food And Movie?

My Fave Food Is ….Turkey Burgers . My Favorite Movies’ Are…. Sup er Bad, Hang-Over 1&2, And Step Brother’s.

If You Could Wear One Pair Of Sneakers Your Whole Life Which Pair Would They Be?

Air Yeezy

Are You Single?


To Find Out More About Keeb Check Him Out On Reverbnation As He Holds Down The Top 20 Spot !!!!

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Interview With FamousAss2Pac Interview :2Pac Back


This Interview Occurred May 10th , 2011 Via BlogTalkradio.Com.                                    

Los Angelas, California Native Damario Brown Caused A Major Stir Up


In The Social World As Well As The Streets Of LA.

The Scary Resemblance To Rapper, Writer, And Actor Tupac Shakur ,

Has Shocked And Lead People To Believe That Tupac Is Really  Back.

Damario Released A Video Of His Audition For The Upcoming Tupac

Movie And This Video Shows The Shocking Image Of What You Would Call

“The Reincarnation Of Tupac”.

The Interview Was Very Interesting.

Although Many People Across The World Are Starting To Realize Damario’s Tupac Resemblance , He Remains Humble And Remains Him.

Overall Damario Is A Humble, Talented, And Dedicated Young Man.

The Mogul Minute .Com Wishes Him The Best In His Career And Wishes That All His Dreams Come True.

Make Sure You Follow Him On Twitter @FamousAss2Pac And Check Out His Audition Video Here

Much Love From Your Friend And Supporter TheMogulGirl


P.S Happy Bday Pac .. You Will Live On Through Are Hearts And Minds Forever!!!




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