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The Mogul Minute : Mr.X William Byrd

The Mogul Minute



Height: 6’2”

Weight: 172

Waist: 32

Inseam: 32

Shoe: 11.5

William Byrd

William Byrd Is Featured As A Mr.X For His X-Tra Dedication , X- Exhibiting A Great Work Ethic And , Being X-Tra On The Grind.

Mr.William Byrd Is Handsome Amongst A Host Of Other Things :He’s A Criminal Justice Major, Improve Classes, Photographer, Model, Show Host, Actor, Music Videos, Graphic Designer, Brand Model

Personality: Upbeat, Out-Going, Lively, Very Easy To Get A Long With, Open minded, Intelligent, Reliable

1.What/Who Inspired You To Model?

I First Became Inspired To Model By Watching Will Smith On TV. Ive Always Wanted To Be In Front Of A Camera. (Video Or Photo)

2.If You Could Model For Any Brand What Would It Be And Why?

Diesel And Armani

3.What Other Business Endeavors Are You Involved In..Besides Modeling?

I Am The CEO Of A Production Company Called TriLiteProductions. We Cater To Everything In The Entertainment Industry And Have The Talent, Equipment And The Contact To Make Your Next Project Turn Out FLAWLESS.

4.What’s Your Favorite Thing To Do When Your Not Working?

I Like To Sing And Be Active. I Like Playing Basketball And Football. I’m Going To Start Learning And Being Involved In Free Running (Parkour)

5.How Important Do You Think Voting Is In This Election?

Voting Is Always Important In Any Election. As A People You Cannot Get Mad At The People Making The Decisions If You Didn/t Make The Decision To Vote For Who You Wanted Your Voice To Be Heard ! VOTE!!

6.Have You Done Any Traveling ,If Not Where Would You Love To Travel Too?

I Am From The East Coast (Philadelphia, Pa) I Haven’t Traveled  Too Much. It Is My Goal To Step Foot On 20 Different States And 20 Different Countries This Year. My Destination Of Choice As Of Right Now Would Have To Be France.

7.Did You Ever Think About Giving Up On Your Dream?

I’ve Never Thought About Giving Up. If I Did That Would Give My Haters The Satisfaction Of Being Right. I Live To Prove People Wrong About Me. Show Them What I’m Really Made Of.

8.How Does It Feel To Be One Of The First The Mogul Minute Mr.X’s Of 2012?

It Is An Honor. I Love The Fact That I Can Be One Of The First Faces Of The Year 2012. It Is Only The Beginning And I Will Carry That Title Proudly And Embody Everything That It Means.

9.Whose Your Favorite Music Artist?

My Favorite Music Artist Is Eminem As Far As Rap And Micheal Jackson Over All. I Look At Both Of Them As Game Changers In This Industry.

10.What Would You Like The Mogul Minute Supporters To Know About You?

I Am Very Outgoing And Fun To Be Around. I Work Hard On My Craft And Am Always Looking To Make Myself Better. I Want To Work With And Collab With EVERYONE That Is Positive And Works Hard as I Do.

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