The Mogul Minute : Shining With Tommy Stars

Recently Featured On MTV As A “Get In The Game Artist” Philly Artist  Tommy Stars Is The CEO Of Heat Club/Legendary Music .I Remember Seeing Tommy Stars On A Rap DVD For The First Time And Hearing His Music On MySpace And Definitely Noticing He Was In His Own Lane With His Music. Tommy Stars Says What He Wants On A Track And He’s Always Been This Way. With Stars In His Name Thats What He Is Aiming For.His YouTube Videos Are Always Worth Watching Because You Never Know What You Will See .So Spend A Few Minutes, Check Out The Interview And Get To Know 

Tommy Starrrrrrrrrsssssss!

1.What Inspired You To Do Music?
God. Its Something That I Have Done My Whole Life. I Was In A Band In First Grand.  Music Was Constantly Played Throughout My House.  My Mom Was Heavy Into Jazz, Kenny G,Dave Grusin,Yellow Jackets Etc. My Dad Was Heavy Into Earth Wind And Fire,My Sister Had Madonna On Blast Non Stop, And My Brother Played NWA,Dre,Public Enemy Etc…..

2.You Wrote For TreySongz ,How Was That Experience?
Yes I Wrote A Few Tracks For Trey None Which Got Placement But Its Still Amazing To Know That The Music Your Writing Is Actually Going To Be Heard By One Of The Biggest R&b Forces In The Game Right Now. I Have Yet To Meet Trey. I’ve Been Invited Down To ATL But Just Have Not Made The Move As Of Yet. Most People Would Say You A Fool I Would Have Been Down There, But With Me Its More Business .He Has Heard The Music So When Songbook Is Ready To Use One Of My Songs Then I Will Be More Than Happy To Make That Visit Because I’ll See The Progress Rather Than Just Making A Trip To Be Up In Someone’s Face Just Because.

3.Out Of All Your Videos ..Which One Did You Have The Most Fun Filming?
Out Of The Ones That Ate Out Now, I Would Have To Say FOH . It Was Freezing Cold Out But Myself And Erin The Model Was racking Jokes And Play Fighting The Whole Time Trying  To Keep Warm. However, I Have A Video Called Sex, Weed, And Alcohol Which I Blast On Everybody.It Was A Multiple Day Shoot.

4.What Are You Currently Working On?
Taking Over The Game Getting My Buzz Up And Doing Shows And Features.Travel And I’m About To Drop My Mixtape FOH.

5.If You Could Change Anything About The Rap Game What Would You change?
Nothing. I Like The Game Its A Lot Of Money To Make Out There And Money To Be Made.New Energy, New Acts And I’m Going To Be One Of Those New Acts That Bring That Ne Money.

6.If You Had The Oppurtunity To Meet Anyone In History Who Would It Be?
God.I Don’t Think I Need To Explain That At All ..Lol.

7.If You Had To Listen To One Song On Repeat All Day What Would It Be And Why ?
Its Tons But What Pops In My Head Now Is Get Into The Groove By Madonna .Is The Perfect 80’s Song I Love Music. Its The Perfect 80’s Song I Love The 80’s.

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