TheMogulMinute : Congratulations JohnBoy

On December 1, 2011 JohnBoy Became An Official Member

Of Soulja Boy Tell Em  #SODMG!

Soulja Boy Founded His Own Label #SODMG In 2004.

The Label Has Offered Amazing Opportunities To Follow Their Dreams And Make Hot Music.

JohnBoy Has Been Working Really Hard And Preparing

Himself For That Big Day When He’s Be Offered A Deal And Finally That Day

Came True.

I Have Been Watching And Very In Tune With His Music Career For Many Years .

I Remember Having JohnBoy’s “Where’s My Haters?”Song

On My MySpace Profile.

I Also Had The Opportunity Of Interviewing Him Twice .

I Think JohnBoy Is Talented , Humble, Hardworking , And Serious And His Dream Finally Came True.

I Was Super Excited When I Found Out That He Has Officially Been Signed To #SODMG!

JohnBoy Has Definitely Showed Love To #TheMogulMinute

And Its Very Appreciated And #TheMogulMinute Has Definitely Showed It Back .

So Definitely Do Your Thing JohnBoy And #LetThatBoyCook #GeeSH !

Make Sure You Congratulate Him By Tweeting #CongratsJohnBoy To @JohnBoy On Twitter And #WiiUS #SODMG

Much Love @JohnBoy Told You You’d Make It !

Also If You Want A #WiiUs T-Shirt Hit Up JohnBoy ASAP !

S/O To JohnBoy Producer Jo .G ( L.E.B) #WiiUs 

Stay Tuned For More


Remember To Never Give Up Even When You Start To Think You Can Remember You CAN




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