Local Khemistry Conquer Movement ( Jr Music Execs)


                                          KHEMIST BANDCAMP


Join the Khemist“Conquer” Movement
As An Independent Artist With Little Money And Incredible Talent It Is Difficult To Break Into The Music Industry. When DJs And Industry Professionals Reluctantly Give Puzzle Pieces A Listen The Response Is Always Excitement Followed By “He Is So Good, Why Haven’t I Heard Of Him Before.”
The “Conquer” Movement Is Our Approach To Utilize Blogs And The Internet To Get Khemist Heard. Blog Promotion Is Very Difficult And The Response Rates Are Typically Low, 10% Or Less For Up And Coming Acts; However, If “Conquer” Gets Featured By 50 Or More Websites In A Short Amount Of Time, It  Will Make People Take Notice.
Goal: To get 50 or more of the 500+ music blogs to feature “Conquer” by Dec. 31st.
Strategy: During The Month Of November We Will Build A Strong Viral Presence Through An Aggressive Internet Based Movement. The Focus Track For This Movement Is “Conquer” Featuring Gilbere Forte (He Has Had Great Success With The Blogs) and Suzann Christine. Simultaneously, The Puzzle Pieces Album Will Be Serviced To College Radio (Add Date: November 22, 2011).
Week 1 November 1 – 6
Recruit At Least 25 People To Help Power The Internet Based Movement.
Week 2 November 7 – 13
Compile A Database Of Music Blogs That Could Feature Music By Khemist.
On November 10th At 10:30AM All Team Members Will Change Their Avitar On Twitter And Facebook To The “Conquer” Art.
Week 3 – 6 November 14 – December 31
Track How Many Of The 500+ Music Blog Sites Will F
eature “Conquer”.

Conquer Team:
1. Angeline Campbell
2. Cutz
3. Ashley Coleman
4. Dilemma
5. Aisha Winfield
6. Corey Oliver
7. Roncoreair Winfield
8. Brock
9. General
10. Kellee Byrd
11. Typhanie Jones
12. Carla
13. Arin
14. Stefan

                  DOWNLOAD “CONQUER” HERE

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