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The Mogul Minute : Shining With Tommy Stars

Recently Featured On MTV As A “Get In The Game Artist” Philly Artist  Tommy Stars Is The CEO Of Heat Club/Legendary Music .I Remember Seeing Tommy Stars On A Rap DVD For The First Time And Hearing His Music On MySpace And Definitely Noticing He Was In His Own Lane With His Music. Tommy Stars Says What He Wants On A Track And He’s Always Been This Way. With Stars In His Name Thats What He Is Aiming For.His YouTube Videos Are Always Worth Watching Because You Never Know What You Will See .So Spend A Few Minutes, Check Out The Interview And Get To Know 

Tommy Starrrrrrrrrsssssss!

1.What Inspired You To Do Music?
God. Its Something That I Have Done My Whole Life. I Was In A Band In First Grand.  Music Was Constantly Played Throughout My House.  My Mom Was Heavy Into Jazz, Kenny G,Dave Grusin,Yellow Jackets Etc. My Dad Was Heavy Into Earth Wind And Fire,My Sister Had Madonna On Blast Non Stop, And My Brother Played NWA,Dre,Public Enemy Etc…..

2.You Wrote For TreySongz ,How Was That Experience?
Yes I Wrote A Few Tracks For Trey None Which Got Placement But Its Still Amazing To Know That The Music Your Writing Is Actually Going To Be Heard By One Of The Biggest R&b Forces In The Game Right Now. I Have Yet To Meet Trey. I’ve Been Invited Down To ATL But Just Have Not Made The Move As Of Yet. Most People Would Say You A Fool I Would Have Been Down There, But With Me Its More Business .He Has Heard The Music So When Songbook Is Ready To Use One Of My Songs Then I Will Be More Than Happy To Make That Visit Because I’ll See The Progress Rather Than Just Making A Trip To Be Up In Someone’s Face Just Because.

3.Out Of All Your Videos ..Which One Did You Have The Most Fun Filming?
Out Of The Ones That Ate Out Now, I Would Have To Say FOH . It Was Freezing Cold Out But Myself And Erin The Model Was racking Jokes And Play Fighting The Whole Time Trying  To Keep Warm. However, I Have A Video Called Sex, Weed, And Alcohol Which I Blast On Everybody.It Was A Multiple Day Shoot.

4.What Are You Currently Working On?
Taking Over The Game Getting My Buzz Up And Doing Shows And Features.Travel And I’m About To Drop My Mixtape FOH.

5.If You Could Change Anything About The Rap Game What Would You change?
Nothing. I Like The Game Its A Lot Of Money To Make Out There And Money To Be Made.New Energy, New Acts And I’m Going To Be One Of Those New Acts That Bring That Ne Money.

6.If You Had The Oppurtunity To Meet Anyone In History Who Would It Be?
God.I Don’t Think I Need To Explain That At All ..Lol.

7.If You Had To Listen To One Song On Repeat All Day What Would It Be And Why ?
Its Tons But What Pops In My Head Now Is Get Into The Groove By Madonna .Is The Perfect 80’s Song I Love Music. Its The Perfect 80’s Song I Love The 80’s.

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TheMogulMinute : Congratulations JohnBoy

On December 1, 2011 JohnBoy Became An Official Member

Of Soulja Boy Tell Em  #SODMG!

Soulja Boy Founded His Own Label #SODMG In 2004.

The Label Has Offered Amazing Opportunities To Follow Their Dreams And Make Hot Music.

JohnBoy Has Been Working Really Hard And Preparing

Himself For That Big Day When He’s Be Offered A Deal And Finally That Day

Came True.

I Have Been Watching And Very In Tune With His Music Career For Many Years .

I Remember Having JohnBoy’s “Where’s My Haters?”Song

On My MySpace Profile.

I Also Had The Opportunity Of Interviewing Him Twice .

I Think JohnBoy Is Talented , Humble, Hardworking , And Serious And His Dream Finally Came True.

I Was Super Excited When I Found Out That He Has Officially Been Signed To #SODMG!

JohnBoy Has Definitely Showed Love To #TheMogulMinute

And Its Very Appreciated And #TheMogulMinute Has Definitely Showed It Back .

So Definitely Do Your Thing JohnBoy And #LetThatBoyCook #GeeSH !

Make Sure You Congratulate Him By Tweeting #CongratsJohnBoy To @JohnBoy On Twitter And #WiiUS #SODMG

Much Love @JohnBoy Told You You’d Make It !

Also If You Want A #WiiUs T-Shirt Hit Up JohnBoy ASAP !

S/O To JohnBoy Producer Jo .G ( L.E.B) #WiiUs 

Stay Tuned For More


Remember To Never Give Up Even When You Start To Think You Can Remember You CAN




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The Mogul Minute : Grand Daughter Of Hip-Hop & Mogul LeAnetta Robinson

LeAnetta Robinson’s Sweet Sixteen Party On VH1 Rocked!

Ultimate Girl Power !

The Young Mogul And Grand Daughter Of Hip Hop Is Ready For It All !

LeAnetta Is Intelligent , Beautiful, Talented And Definitely Representing The Ladies In A Positive Way.

Her Grandparents Joseph And Sylvia Robinson Are The Founders Of The Legendary Sugarhill Records.

Therefore , Music And Entertainment Is In Her Blood !

LeAnetta Is O -Original , O- Outspoken , And O-So Mogul

That What Makes Her A “Ms.O ” On The Mogul Minute

Shoutout To #TEAMLEA

So Check Out This Mogul Interview With LeAnetta Robinson

1.What Does Being A MOGUL Mean To You?


Being A Mogul Means Being Able To Take The Talents And Skills That God Has Given You And Turning That Into A Successful Business Or Profit. Being A Teenage Mogul Is An Awesome Thing And I’m So Blessed To Be In The Position That I’m In.

 2.What Is Your Favorite Childhood Memory?

My Favorite Childhood Memory Would Probably Be Going To Wrestle Mania Shows With My Brothers. When I Was  Little, The Wrestle Mania Show Was Really At Its Peak And It Really Was A Bonding Experience For My Brothers And I. I Had Such A Great Childhood Especially Being The Only Girl…What An Experience That Was.

 3.What Is Your Message To Girls With Low-Self Esteem?

There Are About 7 Billion People On This Earth And 1 You. Simple As That. Everyone Has A Purpose Here And So Do You. In Today’s Society Mostly Everyone Will Focus On The Negative Parts Of Their Life And What They Don’t Have Oppose To Appreciating What They Do Have. Girls And Guys Need To Appreciate That And Embrace The Fact That They Are Individuals. It’s Ok To Be Different.

 4.When You Were On “Sweet Sixteen” What Was Your Fave Part Of Your Party?

 My Favorite Part Was Probably My Grand Entrance. I Performed Which Is One Of My Favorite Things To Do And It Was Amazing.

 5.When Your Not In The Studio, What Do You Love To Do ?

 SLEEP ! (Laughs) I Don’t Get Much Of  It So When I’m Not In The Studio And Working, I Really Value My Rest.

 6.How Important Is Family To You ? Have Your Brothers Ever Played A Prank On You?

Family Is Very Important To Me. When Friends Leave, Family Is There With Open Arms. My Brothers Have Played Many Pranks On Me. (Laughs) Like I Said I Was The Only Girl Growing Up With A Pack Of Boys, It Was Only Normal For Them To.

 7.If You Could Perform With Anybody In The World Who Would It Be And Why?

 Probably Paramore. They Are Beasts With The Craziest Stage Energy And One Of My Favorite Bands.

 8.You Dress Very Nice!  Do You Have A Fave Brand Of Clothes?

Anything From Hello kitty! J I’m Also Obsessed With Joyrich And Jeremy Scott.

 9.What Are You Currently Working On?

25 Million Things (laughs) I’m Putting The Final Touches On My EP Entitled “The Legacy” And I’m Super Siked About It. I’m Also In The Process Of Starting My Own Charity Organization, Which Is Exciting. I’m Creative Director And President Of My Families Clothing Line So I’m Also Designing Lots Of Pieces For That. I’m Really Excited About The Stage Of Life That I’m Currently In…Its Exciting And I’m So Blessed.

 10.If You Could Describe Yourself In A Sentence .What Would You Say?    

All the above. Yea It’s More Of A Phrase But…(laughs) It Describes Me. When People Ask What I Do, I Usually Give Them The Basics “Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Designer, Actress…Blah Blah Blah” And I Usually End The Statement By Saying “All The Above” .I’ve Always Been The Type Of Person To Learn As Much As I Possibly Can And I Won’t Ever Stop. As I Get Older, I Plan On Tackling More And More And To Continue To Add More Job Titles To My Resume Of Life.

 11. How Does It Feel To Be Crowned The Grand Daughter Of Hip Hop?

It Feels Amazing. Not Many Teenagers Can Say That Their Grandmother Created A Genre Of Music. (Laughs) I Think Its An Amazing Title For Me To Have, It Only Makes Me Work Harder And To Really Master The Craft Of Music And Make My Grandmother Happy. 

LeAnetta Definitely Deserves A Spot As A Ms.O On The Mogul Minute .

She Is Not Only Continuing Her Families Legacy But She’s Also Working Hard And Opening Doors Of Her Own .

                                           Be Sure To Follow LeAnetta Robinson On Twitter


And Join #TeamLeA

And Check Out Her Tumblr


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Local Khemistry Conquer Movement ( Jr Music Execs)


                                          KHEMIST BANDCAMP


Join the Khemist“Conquer” Movement
As An Independent Artist With Little Money And Incredible Talent It Is Difficult To Break Into The Music Industry. When DJs And Industry Professionals Reluctantly Give Puzzle Pieces A Listen The Response Is Always Excitement Followed By “He Is So Good, Why Haven’t I Heard Of Him Before.”
The “Conquer” Movement Is Our Approach To Utilize Blogs And The Internet To Get Khemist Heard. Blog Promotion Is Very Difficult And The Response Rates Are Typically Low, 10% Or Less For Up And Coming Acts; However, If “Conquer” Gets Featured By 50 Or More Websites In A Short Amount Of Time, It  Will Make People Take Notice.
Goal: To get 50 or more of the 500+ music blogs to feature “Conquer” by Dec. 31st.
Strategy: During The Month Of November We Will Build A Strong Viral Presence Through An Aggressive Internet Based Movement. The Focus Track For This Movement Is “Conquer” Featuring Gilbere Forte (He Has Had Great Success With The Blogs) and Suzann Christine. Simultaneously, The Puzzle Pieces Album Will Be Serviced To College Radio (Add Date: November 22, 2011).
Week 1 November 1 – 6
Recruit At Least 25 People To Help Power The Internet Based Movement.
Week 2 November 7 – 13
Compile A Database Of Music Blogs That Could Feature Music By Khemist.
On November 10th At 10:30AM All Team Members Will Change Their Avitar On Twitter And Facebook To The “Conquer” Art.
Week 3 – 6 November 14 – December 31
Track How Many Of The 500+ Music Blog Sites Will F
eature “Conquer”.

Conquer Team:
1. Angeline Campbell
2. Cutz
3. Ashley Coleman
4. Dilemma
5. Aisha Winfield
6. Corey Oliver
7. Roncoreair Winfield
8. Brock
9. General
10. Kellee Byrd
11. Typhanie Jones
12. Carla
13. Arin
14. Stefan

                  DOWNLOAD “CONQUER” HERE

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