The Mogul Minute : Get To Know Allegra

                                                 Allegra Is Talented , Beautiful , And Definitely A Rock Star! 

After  A Recent Interview With  Chicago Artist PATMAN , I Came Across Allegra’s  Marvin’s Room Remix Video.Her Lyrics Were Tight And Her Sound Was Very Intriguing. I Definitely Had To Get In Touch With Her An Feature Her And Definitely Show You  Boys Again That #GirlPower Rocks ! So Check Out The Interview And Be Sure To Support Her. Not Only Is She A Talented Music Artist But She’s Also A College Girl  Which The Mogul Minute Definitely Supports ! So Keep Going Allegra .. Rock It Out !                                                                                                                                                                  

1.What Made You Want To Become A Music Artist?
I Just Always Loved Music. I Liked Being In Front Of People And Amazing Them With My Talent. Music Has Always Been There For Me. I Don’t Really Have A Personality To Work A Regular 9-5 I’m So Creative And I Express That Through My Music And I Just Want To Share That With The World Music Is Something That I Always Loved To  Listen To And When I Discovered My Ability To Write And Perform It Was A Wrap.From There, I Knew I Wanted To Take Being A Music Artist Serious And I Went From There.

2. Do You Have A Favorite Candy?
Reese Pieces & Hersheys With Almonds Lol!

3.When Your Not Recording What Do You Like To Do?
When I’m Not Recording I Love Love Love Chilling With A Fluffy Blanket A Large Pizza And A Good Movie. I Love Shopping! When I’m Not In The Studio, And Learning New Things, I’ll Read Or Watch The History Or Discovery Channel. I Want To Gain All The Knowledge I Can Because The More Knowledge You Have The More You Can Write/Rap & Sing About.

4.What Does Your Music Mostly Talk About?My Music Mostly Talks About Love, Past Experiences With It Whether It Be Good Or Bad, And Also About Living And Enjoying Life .

5. For People Who Do Not Know You What Do You Want Them To Know? I Want Them To Know I’m One Of The Nicest , Most Humble People They Will Ever Come Across.In Some Of My Music I May Come Off Cocky But I’m Not At All . I Get Compliments On How Humble I Am All The Time. It Makes My Day Because I Strive Hard To Stay Down To Earth.

6.What Other Female Artist Influence You? Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah, Remy Ma. Not just Rappers Either,Jane Jackson, Beyonce and Brittany Spears Have Also Influence Me Alot Over The Years.

7.If You Could Change Anything About The Music Industry What Would You Change?
 I Would Change How Most Of The Males Degrade Females In Their Music.It Makes These Guys Out Here Feel Like They Can Talk To Us And Treat Us Any Kind Of Way.They Have These Guys Out Here Thinking All You Need Is Have “Swagg” To Get By. Or That You Need “Money”, “A Benz”, A “Redbone”, Or A Different Girl Everyday To Be Cool. I Would Also Change  The Fact That When Artist Get Signed The Majority Of The Time They Are Limited In A Way  To Do What The Label Wants The To Do, Wear, And what To Make Music About.We Need To Go Back To The Old Days When Artists Were In Control.  

8. Your First Mixtape , Could You Explain The Concept For It? I Recorded My First Mixtape When I Was 15. It Was Called “Warning Volume 1” And Basically Every Song On There Went Hard Bar For Bar. I Was “Warning” Rappers And Hip Hop overs I Was Coming ,I Was Breaking On The Scene So Watch Out For Me.I Wanted Them To Be Warned Like “Don’t let My Age And Baby Face Fool You.I’m A Beast At This Rap Ish Lol.

                                                                    Check Out Allegra’s “Marvin’s Room” Video


Click Here To Download  Mixtape “Late For Orientation”

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Keep Rocking Allegra !!

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One thought on “The Mogul Minute : Get To Know Allegra

  1. starr says:

    ily yu allegra listen twe yu ever dayy i admire yu why becuz yu from chicago in yu represented us sincerely your truly…………………….whats ur name on fb

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