“No Breaks”

Imagine You’re Standing On The Side Walk And A Car Is Heading Right In Your Direction? What Do You Do…Do You Run? Duck For Cover ? Or Stand Still And See What Happens. Well What If The Car Didn’t Have Any Breaks?

Well HH Spady, SixNine, And Ace Geez Are Going Full Speed, No Breaks .

The Young Rappers Are Going Hard And Pushing Their “No Breaks ” Movement To The Limit.

With Hot Mixtapes, T-Shirts ( More Clothing Coming Soon) , And Videos The Movement Is Going Strong.

The Philadelphia Artist Has Declared A No Breaks Season.

Non -Stop Grinding , Non- Music, And Non-Stop Going No Breaks.                       

In A Recent Interview With “Mr. No Breaks” He Said That He Wants So Much For “No Breaks” And How Its Important To Reach Your Goals And Keep Going No Breaks .

His Soon To be Released Mixtape “No Breaks The Road Blocks “ Is In Progress. So Keep Your Eyes And Ears Open For That.

The No Breaks Movement Is Going Strong Make Sure You Follow Them On Twitter By Clicking The Name



If You Want No Breaks Clothing Or To Know More About It Click Here For The FaceBook No Breaks Group

Here’s The Newest Video From HH SPADY And SixNine



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