The Mogul Minute : This Is 50 Tyson

Courage, Strength, Hope, And Determination Our A Few Words That Came To Mind When I Saw 50 Tyson On WSHH For The First Time. His Video For “I Ain’t Gonna Lie” Hit The Internet In September of 2010 And He’s Gained So Much Attention Since The Release. His Passion And Love For Making Music Stood Out And He Had Everyone Quoting Lines From His Songs. Although 50 Tyson Makes Catchy Music And Is Grinding Hard To Make It To The Top, He Also Deals With Autism. According To The CDC 1 In 110 Children Are Born With Autism. Currently There Is No Cure But The Mogul Minute’s Hopes And Prayers Go Out To Anyone Affected By It And Hope That One Day Soon There Will be A Cure. 5o Tyson Has Not Let Autism Beat Him. Instead He Stands Up For What He Loves And Represents For Others With Any Disability , That They Can Follow Their Dreams And Never Give Up . He Is Strong And Prepared To Take Things To The Next Level. The Mogul Minute Reached Out To 5o Tyson And Here Is The Interview .

Who Do You Look Up To ?

I Look Up To  50 Cent , Soulja Boy. LLoyd banks And Mike Tyson .

If You Could Work With Anybody In The Industry Who Would It Be And Why?

50 Cent , Because We’re Alike. I Think If We Did Collabs People Would Show More Love And They Would Like Us Making Music Together.

How Has Troy Hudson Affected Your Life ?                                                                                          

When We Met He Told Me I Had A Lot Of God Given Talent, Once He Signed Me To Hudson Records He’s Pushed Me To Work Harder And Is Helping Me Take Things To The Next Level.

Your First Two Singles “I Ain’t Gonna Lie ” And ” I Don’t Know How To Dougie But I Know How To Diddi”  How Did You Feel About Them?

I Ain’t Gonna Lie Was My First Video And People Felt It And Showed Love . I Don’t Know How To Dougie But I Know How To Diddi Was A Dance, Fun Song.A Lot Of People Liked It And Stuff Like That. The Video Had Good Dancers  .Also Monique Moy  And Nerdy Star.

What Does Your First Mixtape “I Ain’t Gonna Lie Volume 1  ”  Which Was Hosted By Deejay Whoo Kid ( G-Unit) Mean To You?

It Means A Lot . People Liked It . At The Release A Lot Of People Opened Up And Came Out To Support Me, And People Started To Buy The Music On iTunes. 

Heard That You Were Looking At College , Which One Are You Looking At?

A 3 Yr College In Minnesota .

Is There Anything Else Your Interested In Besides Music?

I Want To Act, Cook, Manage People, Have My Own Label , And Just Get Better In The Music Business.

How Has Autism Affected You And Whats Your Message To Others ?

I Was Diagnosed When I Was 3. People Don’t Let Nothing Stop You , Just Cause You Have Autism Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Rap  Or Sing. Just Work Hard, And Don’t Let Nobody Stop You From Your Dream.

What Do You Have In Store For The Future?

Do Me , Do Bigger Things . Stay In school , Work Hard, Do Shows , Focus On My Career And Keep Pushing.

You Can Purchase Shirts From 50 Tyson Here

Thank You 5o Tyson For Doing The Interview . The Mogul Minute Wishes You The Best.Continue To Stand Strong And Fight. Don’t Ever Give Up .

Love Always xoxo

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