The Mogul Minute: A Look Into The World Of Diesel

Diesel Is A Not Only The Name Of Fuel. But Also The Name Of A Man That Is Fueling The Industry With The Hot Music And Pushing Artist To Drive To The Top.  Born On January 3rd In Watts , California Ronald “Diesel” Bell Was Born.At Age 11 He Was Formerly Introduced To Music At Age 11 , And Then He Learned The Fundamentals Of Producing .Growing Up In Watts California Diesel Faced Many Obstacles And Challenges. In 2001 Diesel  Lost His Mother To An Act Of Violence . After  Diesel Decided To “Bring The True Essence Of Music Back”. Not Only Was Diesel Interested In Music But His Family Was Musically Inclined As Well. His father Ronald “Ronnie D” Bell Is A Former Member Of The  Band “The Bloodstones”

Formally Known For Their Top Ten Hit “Natural High”. Diesel Also Is Cousins With Kevin McCall. Diesel and Kevin Combined Forces Based On Their Love And Passion For Music And Created The Production Team Titled   “Mac-Diesel”.The Production Team Mac-Diesel Is Credited Under Grammy Nominated Song “Deuces” (Chris Brown , Kevin McCall, And TYGA).

The Production Team  Mac-Diesel Also Attributed To  The Following Songs

“F**k Them All” Kevin McCall ft Chris Brown And Diesel (In My Zone 2 Mixtape) “Ain’t Thinking About You” Bow Wow Ft Chris Brown” Invented Head” Chris Brown On (In My Zone Mixtape)

“Freaky I’m Is Kevin McCall Ft Chris Brown And Diesel (Un-Invited Guest Mixtape)
“360” Off Kevin McCall ft Chris Brown And Tyga (Un-Invited Guest Mixtape)

With A Dream To Go Above And Beyond In His Music Career, Mac-Diesel Is Ready To Take On The Challenge From All Directions. The Mogul Minute Enjoys The Music Produced, Or Written By The Production Team So An Interview With Diesel Himself Was A Must Have. Learning About The Man Behind The Music That We Hear On The Radio, Concerts, Or In The Comfort Of Our Home.

So Check Out The Interview Here With Diesel [ The Producer, Artist, Songwriter, Vocal Coach , And Rapper]

What  Influences You Musically?

My Family Legacy Plays A Major Part In All Of It. Its In My Blood.My Goal Is To Get My Voice To Every One In The World Willing To Hear It “.

Is There Any Track In Particular That You Loved Producing The Most?

I Love Every Track At The Time When I’m Making It.It’s Like It Always Comes Out Better And Better Each Time But The Most Exciting Had To be “F**** Them All” With Chris Brown.

What Is The Driving Force In Your Career?

No One Can Stop You From Reaching Your Goal If Your Consistent. Always Anticipate Success, If You Believe You Can Or Can’t Do Something Your Right.

Deuces Was Nominated For A Grammy, How Did That Feel?

I Was More Proud Of Kevin Than Anything On Behalf Of Him Being Producer, Writer, And Artist On The Record And Being The First Grammy Nominee In Our Family.

Whats Your Favorite Music Memory As A Child ?

 I Grew Up In N.Y On My Mom’s Side Of The Family That Had Little Musical Influence On Me. But My Dad Was A Singer At The Time Mom Would Always Says “Thats Yo Daddy”.So, I Would Have To Say Hearing My Dad On The Radio  Is My Favorite Music Memory Hands Down !

What Are You Currently Working On ?

I Am Doing A Lot Of Writing And Networking At The Time And Helping K Mac (Kevin McCall ) With His Album.Soon It Will Be My Turn To Be In The For Front So Be Prepared.

Is There Anything You Want The World To Know ?

Superstars Are People Just Like The Rest Of Us. We All Have A Special Calling Mapped Out For Us So Even If Your Not On TV Or In The Paper You Are A Star To Some One .

Word Of Advice To Other Producers?

Its Not Dope To Say I Made That Beat In 5 Minutes And Then You Have To  Ask People How They Feel About It. Its Dope When You Take Time And Pride In Your Craft. Let Their Actions Speak For Them .

The Mogul Minute Thanks Diesel For Doing The Interview. Wish You The Best In All Your Career And To All Of Whom You Work With. Continue To Shine And Fuel The Industry With Hot Music. Let Your Voice Be Heard And Don’t Ever Give Up .

Love Always Mogul xoxo

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New Track “Freaky”  Kevin McCall Ft Diesel & Chris Brown


And Credited For This

And Need I Say


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