The Mogul Minute Mr.X : Keyaun Levy

Not Only Is 21 Year Old Keyaun Levy  Appealing To The Eye But His Personality, Dreams , And Hot Body Are Also Appealing To The Mind.He Also Attends CZW Wrestling Academy To Train And Master The Skills Of Wrestling.

The Future Model And WWE Wrestler Plans On Being Very Successful And Well Known.

This Leo Has Major Plans And Goals For The Future.  He’s Good Looking ,  Intelligent, Confident, Laid Back, And Ready To Take His Dreams To The Next Level.

Keyaun Was Chosen As A Mr.X  On The Mogul Minute For Being X-Tra Hot, X-Tra Confident ,  And For Aiming At The Stars X-Tra High.

Check Out This Interview

If You Could Be On The Cover Of Any Magazine What Would It Be?
I Would Want To Be On The Cover Of Vibe Magazine.

Whats Your Biggest Dream?                                                                                               
To Wrestle At Wrestlemania.                                                                                                         

Whats Your Favorite Food?

Jamaican Food Is My Favorite.  

Who’s Your Favorite Music Artist?


If You Could Change Anything About The World What Would It Be?

I Would Change The School System In Urban City So Kids Have A Fighting Chance In The World.

What Do You Look When Dating Female?

I Like A Women Who Is Both Beautiful And Intelligent, And Who Will Always Be By My Side No Matter What.

What Do You Love To Do In Your Spare Time?

I love to party, flirt, travel, and chill with friends and training.

Name A Few Of Your Inspirations?

The Rock Or Steve Nash .

Where’s Your Favorite Place To Travel?


Remember The Name Keyaun Levy Because Its Going To Be Chanted At Future WWE Wrestlemania Matches And Remember His Face Because It Will Definitely Be On The Cover Of A Magazine.

Thank You Keyaun Levy .The Mogul Minute Wishes You A Happy Upcoming Birthday!!

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