“Talk To Your Clothes , They Talk Back “

   Have You Ever Had A Conversation With  Your Clothes? Or Ever Felt Like That Particular Article Of Clothing  Spoke To You? Well What If I Told You That  There Are  Clothes That  Have A Lingo   Of Their Own.These Clothes Make Bold Statements And They Are Not Afraid To Let Their Message Be Heard.

West Philly Producer David Curby  Also  Known As “DrumCrazie”   Is Not Just Your Average Producer. He Makes Hot Music That Speaks To You And Now He Has Used That Same Ability To Create A Unique And Stylish Clothing Line.   The Lingo Clothing Was Created Amidst DrumCrazie’s Passion For Music, Entertainment,  Sports, And Beyond. The Clothes Not Only Illustrate A Language But It Adds A Unique Style  And Originality To Everyday Apparel .

DrumCrazie Quotes That If Music Got Dressed Every Day Lingo Clothing Is What It Would Wear.”

So If You Love Music And Fashion , Then Your Speaking The  Language  The Lingo Clothing Language That Is.

I Speak The Lingo Of Music And Fashion So I Definitely Had To Feature DrumCrazie And Lingo Clothing On

The Mogul Minute For The First Ever Models And Fashion Week !!!

Check Out The Interview

Why Did You Decide To Start Lingo Clothing?

          Starting A   Clothing Line Of My Own Has Always Been A Plan Of Mine. I Have A Very Fast Moving Mind Full Of Great Creative Ideas. I Actually Started A Line A Few Years Ago With My Friends However At That Time  It Didn’t Work Out. I Made Many Mistakes In Doing That, Dropped It And Put More Of My Focus On Music Instead Of Sharing The Time. I Decided To Start Lingo Clothing In 2010 With The Help Of My Good Friend Rachael Hardy. The Foundation Was To Create A Line That Represented All Facets Of Music, Sports And Entertainment And The Different Lingos Used. Music Is My Lingo So I Focused My Designs On All Things That Represent Music.

 What Does Lingo Mean To You?                                                                                                                       

        Lingo To Me Means Speaking A Language That Only You And Those In Your Lane Can Understand.

How Do You Come Up With The Ideas For Your T-Shirts?

        My Ideas Come Very Sporadic, I’m Very Observant So I Use My Surroundings To Help See What Can Work And What May Not Work. Most Of The Time I Play Bobby Caldwell (Cat In The Hat) Album And Zone Out And Draw Up Mock Ideas. I Don’t Take Credit Because God Gave Me The Creative Mind To Come Up With Them.

In Your Own Words How Does Music Affect Clothing?

Music Affects Clothing More Than We Would Like To Think. If Your Favorite Artist Wears A Piece Of Clothing You Never Seen, It Intrigues You To Want It Or Be One Of The Few To Own It. What A Person Wears And How They Wear It  Can Tell You A Lot About A Person, So It’s Important To Have My Clothing Appeal To All Instead Of One Group. Clothing Is Often Used As A Means Of Status In Any Industry But Music Mostly, Gucci, LV, YSL Etc Are Popular Because It Symbolizes Status In The Entertainment Industry Or In General.

Would You Ever Have A Lingo Fashion Show?

I Thought About A Fashion Show But I Have Some Ideas I Am Working On, So When They Come To Pass A Fashion Show Is Definitely A Step I Would Like To Take. Some Of The Ideas Will Be Seen This Fall So Stay Up On Lingo Clothing.

Who Is Your Favorite Designer?

This Will Sound Weird But I Don’t Have

One. I Never Kept Up With Different Designers Just Their Styles. When I Shop I Don’t Look At The Brand Or Who Designed It, I Look At The Style Especially If The Name Isn’t On It. If I Had To Choose A Label In Which I Really Like It Would Have To Be “Billionaires Boys Club” “Puma” And “G Starr”. I Shop Cheap Lol.

What Do You Want All The People That Are Interested In Lingo To Know ?

I Want Everyone To Know That, Lingo Is For Everyone And Not Catered To A Specific Group Of People. I Call It “Status Free” Clothing, Which Simply Represent What You Do Instead Of Who You Are. A Lot Of Thought And Time Is Put Into Every Design And Me As The Designer I See It Through From The Time I Create The Idea Until  The Actual Design Is Finalized By The Graphic Designer And Placed On Your Tee. Lingo Is Also A Proud Supporter Of Various Charitable Organizations.

The Mogul Minute Is Proud To Feature DrumCrazie And Lingo Clothing.

Thank And You DrumCrazie May You Continue To Make Music And Clothes That Speak Originality , Style , Self-Expression, And Thinking Above And Beyond .

Make Sure You Grab A Shirt On   Lingo Clothing By Clicking Here  

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