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“Don’t Just Let Your Eyes See Fashion Let Them Rock It Too”

The Mogul Minute Fashion Week Is Rocking.  You All Have Constantly Been Updated On Whats New, Whats Hot, And How To Get It!

Now Its Time To Dress Up Your Eyes!!

Corey Woods Is The Designer Of The  New Must Have  “YEROC”  Shades. These Shades Have Been Spotted On The Beautiful  Amber Rose, Mother And Mogul  Kimora Lee, Fashion Week In Paris And Many more Extravagant Places. These Shades Are Fashionable, Stylish, And Trend Setting. Make Sure You Grab ASAPINGTON!! These Shades Help You To Stand Out In Such A Iconic Way!!Not Only Do You Look Good In The Shades, You Feel Good Wearing Them.

So Get Yourself A Pair Of YEROC Shades By Clicking Here!! Be A Trendsetter ! Be A ICON!!

Your Definitely Going To See The Mogul Girl Rocking A Pair Of These Soon!!

The Mogul Minute Mr.X : Keyaun Levy

Not Only Is 21 Year Old Keyaun Levy  Appealing To The Eye But His Personality, Dreams , And Hot Body Are Also Appealing To The Mind.He Also Attends CZW Wrestling Academy To Train And Master The Skills Of Wrestling.

The Future Model And WWE Wrestler Plans On Being Very Successful And Well Known.

This Leo Has Major Plans And Goals For The Future.  He’s Good Looking ,  Intelligent, Confident, Laid Back, And Ready To Take His Dreams To The Next Level.

Keyaun Was Chosen As A Mr.X  On The Mogul Minute For Being X-Tra Hot, X-Tra Confident ,  And For Aiming At The Stars X-Tra High.

Check Out This Interview

If You Could Be On The Cover Of Any Magazine What Would It Be?
I Would Want To Be On The Cover Of Vibe Magazine.

Whats Your Biggest Dream?                                                                                               
To Wrestle At Wrestlemania.                                                                                                         

Whats Your Favorite Food?

Jamaican Food Is My Favorite.  

Who’s Your Favorite Music Artist?


If You Could Change Anything About The World What Would It Be?

I Would Change The School System In Urban City So Kids Have A Fighting Chance In The World.

What Do You Look When Dating Female?

I Like A Women Who Is Both Beautiful And Intelligent, And Who Will Always Be By My Side No Matter What.

What Do You Love To Do In Your Spare Time?

I love to party, flirt, travel, and chill with friends and training.

Name A Few Of Your Inspirations?

The Rock Or Steve Nash .

Where’s Your Favorite Place To Travel?


Remember The Name Keyaun Levy Because Its Going To Be Chanted At Future WWE Wrestlemania Matches And Remember His Face Because It Will Definitely Be On The Cover Of A Magazine.

Thank You Keyaun Levy .The Mogul Minute Wishes You A Happy Upcoming Birthday!!

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The Mogul Minute : Keep It Fabulous With Caramente Clothing

The World Of Fashion Is Changing Each And Every Day . People Are Using All Types Of Material, Items, And Colors To Express Their Love For The Amazing World Of Fashion. Caramente Clothing Captures They Idea Of Setting A Trend Meanwhile Stylistically Making You Look FABULOUS!Caramente Is An Italian Word Which Means Expensive, Lovely , Sweet Face. So Ladies And Gentlemen  You Will Definitely Look Important In An Item From The Caramente Clothing Line.

I Think Caramente Is Unique And Trend Setting Style Of Clothes So Check Out The Interview Below With

Brianna Prescott Is The CEO/Designer Of The Wonderful Line Of Clothing !


What Made You Decide To Start The Clothing Line?

   My Father  Was The One That Pushed Me Into Starting This Clothing Line. I Basically Was All Talk And He Seriously Told Me To Stop Daydreaming! I Wanted A Line To Express How I Felt And Put My Art Into Work!

What Was Your Favorite   Brand Of Clothes To Wear As A Child?

I Went Through So Many Phases With Fashion! From The Ages Of  7-12 I Would Only Wear Sweatpants And Tees Because All I Did Was Play Sports. Then At The Age Of 13 I Went Trough My “Urban” Phase And Only Wore Roca Wear And Baby Phat. Then From The Ages Of 14- 16 I Went Through My Punk And Goth phase! I Was All Over The Place J But, Now I Wear All Those Types, But I Am Especially Into The 1940’s And 1950’s Fashion.


If You Could Get Any Celebrity To Wear One Of Your Pieces Who Would It Be And Why?

I Would Say My “Lips” And “Sex Cells” Girl Version Shirt To Rihanna !

How Does It Feel When You See People On The Street Or In Public Wearing Your Clothes?

I Feel Amazing ! I Always Get Compliments On How My Products Feel On A Person’s Skin. I Always Want The Best Quality For My Consumers And I Put My Everything Into My Line.

Where Do You See The Line In 2 Years?

–       I See Myself Opening Up Two Stores In The Next 2 Years, One Will Be  On South Street In Philadelphia And One In Milan , Italy.  I See My Line Having Tons Of Fashion Shows And Premiers Between That Time. I Also Have Some cell Phone Designs Coming Out And The Designs Look Amazing, They Were Designed By Simply Fabulous.

Do You Wear A Lot Of Your Clothes?

Yes I Do

What’s Your Favorite Quote?

“ If You Enter This World Knowing You Are Loved And You Leave This World Knowing The Same, Then Everything That Happens In Between Can Be Dealt With” – Michael Jackson

 What message Do You Want Your Clothes To Send Out ?

That Art Looks Even Better On A Person’s Body. My Art Is A Reflection Of My Life Especially With Fashion, I Want To Collaborate All The Phases Of Fashion That I Went Through Into My Line. I Want To Show That All Of Those “Preps” All Of Those “Goths” Can Rock My Line And Feel So Comfortable With Themselves. Art Is Such An Amazing Expression And I Think It’s The Best Expression. I Have Set a Goal And I Plan To Achieve It  Because This Is My Dream And I’m Not Stopping Until I Am Completely Satisfied. 

The Mogul Minute Wishes Caramente, All The Models For The Line And The CEO/Designer Brianna Prescott All The Best And Much Love !

To Learn More About Caramente Please Click Here To Visit The Website


The Mogul Minute : Ms.O “Okay Chanel”

For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it.

-Ivan Panin

Beauty Is Much More Than What Meets The Eye. Beauty Embodies Personality, Talent and So Much More.

Chanel Dawson From L.A Embodies It All!

She Was Chosen As A “Ms.O” On The Mogul Minute For Models And Fashion Week

Because Of Her O-Mazing Beauty, O-Being An Over-Achiever, And For Her Optimism About Her Modeling Career.

Check Out The Interview Here

What Or Who Inspired You To Model?

My Mother Inspired Me To Become A Model. In Her Early Years, She Used To Own The Runway, Doing Fashion Shows, Pageants, And Appearances.

If You Could Be Featured In Any Magazine , What Would It Be?

I Would Love To Be Featured In A Vogue. That Has Always Been A Dream Of Mine.
What Do You Think Is The Most Important Lesson To Know Before Going In The Modeling Industry?

The Most Important Lesson Would Be To Always Keep Your Head Up.There Are Going To BeThousands Of People Telling You That You Can’t Do It, You’re Too Fat, Too Skinny, Too Dark, Too Short…But As Long As You Have Confidence In Yourself And Your Ability, Your Attitude Will Carry You Through.

Whose Your Fave Designer?

I’m a huge CHANEL Fan! (Not Just Because It’s My Name!) I Love The Purses, Clothes And The Sunglasses.

Whats Your Message To Girls Younger Than You That Want To Model?
My Message To Younger Girls Is : Don’t Allow Society To Tell You What Beautiful Is. Beauty, Despite Many Stipulations, Is Really In The Eyes Of The Beholder. There Is Literally A Market For EVERYONE. Every Shape, Size, Height, Weight, Or Ethnicity. Don’t Let Anyone Tell You, You Aren’t Beautiful.

Whats Your Biggest Dream?

To Become A Broadcast Journalist For A Major New Station And Travel The World, Reporting As Well As Modeling.
Whats Your Favorite Dessert And Movie?
Dessert: I Am A Huge Fan Of Chocolate Cake!!!

Movie: The Fifth Element and The Matrix!!! I Have Seen Both Millions Of Times.

Have You Ever Felt Like Giving Up On Your Dream?
Yes, Plenty Of Times. There Have Been Times Where I Felt As If I Wasn’t Good Enough, Or Skinny Enough To Be In The Modeling Industry. But With The Amazing Support Of My Mom And My Close Friends, I Pushed Through All Of That Negativity !

If You Do Become A Top Model In The Industry Which Photographer Would You Want To Do A Shoot With?
Although Tyra Is A Model First And Foremost.. I Would LOVE To Do A Photoshoot With Her Behind The Camera!!!

In History Women Have Set Trends And Pushed Limits.If You Could Go BAck And Meet Anyone In  History Who Would It Be And Why?

I Would Go Back And Meet  Princess Diana. She Is The Epitome Of Female Confidence! Everyone Adored Her Because She Carried Herself In Such A Beautiful Way.

Thank You Chanel For The Interview The Mogul Minute Greatly Appreciates You And I Wish You The Best

May You Go Far And All Your Dreams Come True

To Find Out More About Chanel Check Her Out On Twitter By Clicking Here

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The Mogul Minute :Mr.X Davon “Yamz ” Gaskins



 2o Year Old Davon “Yamz” Gaskins Is More Than Just A Handsome Ball Player. Although He Is Athletic, Talkative, Funny And Charming He‘s Also A Big Dreamer And Goal Chaser. Philadelphia Is A City Known For History, Art And Music. However Some Situations That Occur Can Make You Quit Or Give Up On Your Hopes And Dreams. However Davon Is Continuing To Push And Excel At All He Wants To Achieve. The Penn State Student Works Hard And Is Aiming High Amongst The Stars. He Wants To Enter The Music Industry And He Has Already Started On That Goal By Starting “Yamz Ent” And Working Closely With His Two Artists Black Kent And Pooda Dappa. One Thing About Davon Is Amongst His  Intriguing Smile And Nice Hair He Knows How To Throw A Hot Party .. So Hopefully One Day Soon You’ll Get To Attend One Of His Parties .

 Davon Is Working Really Hard So He Was Chosen As A Mr.X For His X-Tra Dedication , X-Tra- Hardworking , And X-Tra Charming Personality

For The  First Mogul Minute Models And Fashion Week

What Is Your Biggest Dream?

      My Biggest Dream Is For My Brother And I To Be Successful At Whatever We Do .We Want To Live The Life That We’ve Dreamed About Since We Were Kids.

 If You Could Wear Any Designer For The Rest Of Your Life Who Would It Be And Why?

      It Would Have To Be Ralph Lauren Polo Because It’s Not Too Flashy And Its Perfect For All Occasions.

Do You Think It’s Better To Set Trends Or Follow Them?  Be A Trendsetter! Just Be Yourself People Always Respect That. Followers Get No Respect. Never Did.. Never Will!

If You Could Design Your Own Clothing Line What Would The Brand Be Called And What Kind Of Style Would It Consist Of?                                                                                                                   If  I Could Design My Own Clothing Line?  Ummm My Uncle Has His Own Clothing Line Called “HOOD AUTHENTIC”. If I Had A Say So In That It Would Be All “HOOD” Cargo Shorts And T-shirts, Something Simple.

If You Could Date Any Model Who Would It Be?

          This Is A Hard Question Lol Because There Are So Many Beautiful Models Out There .I Want Them All, Lol! But If I Had To Pick One It Would Have To Be Freida Pinto She’s Gorgeous. Now If You Said Artist I Wish I Could Date Alicia Keys, Because Our Babies Would Be Beautiful Lol!

Are You Single?

  No, Currently I’m Taken

Whats Your Favorite Sports Team?
Football Miami Dolphins
Basketball Philadelphia 76ers, But Kobe And Blake Griffin Are My Favorite Players
Baseball: Philadelphia Phillies

Whats A Message You Live By?
Keep Moving Forward- Walt Disney

If You Could Go Back In Time And Rock Any Style Of Clothes. What Would It Be?

It Would Have To Be Around The 1930’s, With The Mobster Style Suits And The Women Wore Classy Gowns. I Think That Would Be Cool.

How Would Your Life Change If You Became A Male Model?

   My Life Wouldn’t Really Change Much Besides The Fact That My Main Focus Would Be On My Modeling Career.

                    The Mogul Minute Thanks You Davon “Yamz ” Gaskins  And I Wish  All Your Dreams Come True

To Find Out More Info  Click Here To Check Out His Twitter Or Congratulate Him!!


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“Talk To Your Clothes , They Talk Back “

   Have You Ever Had A Conversation With  Your Clothes? Or Ever Felt Like That Particular Article Of Clothing  Spoke To You? Well What If I Told You That  There Are  Clothes That  Have A Lingo   Of Their Own.These Clothes Make Bold Statements And They Are Not Afraid To Let Their Message Be Heard.

West Philly Producer David Curby  Also  Known As “DrumCrazie”   Is Not Just Your Average Producer. He Makes Hot Music That Speaks To You And Now He Has Used That Same Ability To Create A Unique And Stylish Clothing Line.   The Lingo Clothing Was Created Amidst DrumCrazie’s Passion For Music, Entertainment,  Sports, And Beyond. The Clothes Not Only Illustrate A Language But It Adds A Unique Style  And Originality To Everyday Apparel .

DrumCrazie Quotes That If Music Got Dressed Every Day Lingo Clothing Is What It Would Wear.”

So If You Love Music And Fashion , Then Your Speaking The  Language  The Lingo Clothing Language That Is.

I Speak The Lingo Of Music And Fashion So I Definitely Had To Feature DrumCrazie And Lingo Clothing On

The Mogul Minute For The First Ever Models And Fashion Week !!!

Check Out The Interview

Why Did You Decide To Start Lingo Clothing?

          Starting A   Clothing Line Of My Own Has Always Been A Plan Of Mine. I Have A Very Fast Moving Mind Full Of Great Creative Ideas. I Actually Started A Line A Few Years Ago With My Friends However At That Time  It Didn’t Work Out. I Made Many Mistakes In Doing That, Dropped It And Put More Of My Focus On Music Instead Of Sharing The Time. I Decided To Start Lingo Clothing In 2010 With The Help Of My Good Friend Rachael Hardy. The Foundation Was To Create A Line That Represented All Facets Of Music, Sports And Entertainment And The Different Lingos Used. Music Is My Lingo So I Focused My Designs On All Things That Represent Music.

 What Does Lingo Mean To You?                                                                                                                       

        Lingo To Me Means Speaking A Language That Only You And Those In Your Lane Can Understand.

How Do You Come Up With The Ideas For Your T-Shirts?

        My Ideas Come Very Sporadic, I’m Very Observant So I Use My Surroundings To Help See What Can Work And What May Not Work. Most Of The Time I Play Bobby Caldwell (Cat In The Hat) Album And Zone Out And Draw Up Mock Ideas. I Don’t Take Credit Because God Gave Me The Creative Mind To Come Up With Them.

In Your Own Words How Does Music Affect Clothing?

Music Affects Clothing More Than We Would Like To Think. If Your Favorite Artist Wears A Piece Of Clothing You Never Seen, It Intrigues You To Want It Or Be One Of The Few To Own It. What A Person Wears And How They Wear It  Can Tell You A Lot About A Person, So It’s Important To Have My Clothing Appeal To All Instead Of One Group. Clothing Is Often Used As A Means Of Status In Any Industry But Music Mostly, Gucci, LV, YSL Etc Are Popular Because It Symbolizes Status In The Entertainment Industry Or In General.

Would You Ever Have A Lingo Fashion Show?

I Thought About A Fashion Show But I Have Some Ideas I Am Working On, So When They Come To Pass A Fashion Show Is Definitely A Step I Would Like To Take. Some Of The Ideas Will Be Seen This Fall So Stay Up On Lingo Clothing.

Who Is Your Favorite Designer?

This Will Sound Weird But I Don’t Have

One. I Never Kept Up With Different Designers Just Their Styles. When I Shop I Don’t Look At The Brand Or Who Designed It, I Look At The Style Especially If The Name Isn’t On It. If I Had To Choose A Label In Which I Really Like It Would Have To Be “Billionaires Boys Club” “Puma” And “G Starr”. I Shop Cheap Lol.

What Do You Want All The People That Are Interested In Lingo To Know ?

I Want Everyone To Know That, Lingo Is For Everyone And Not Catered To A Specific Group Of People. I Call It “Status Free” Clothing, Which Simply Represent What You Do Instead Of Who You Are. A Lot Of Thought And Time Is Put Into Every Design And Me As The Designer I See It Through From The Time I Create The Idea Until  The Actual Design Is Finalized By The Graphic Designer And Placed On Your Tee. Lingo Is Also A Proud Supporter Of Various Charitable Organizations.

The Mogul Minute Is Proud To Feature DrumCrazie And Lingo Clothing.

Thank And You DrumCrazie May You Continue To Make Music And Clothes That Speak Originality , Style , Self-Expression, And Thinking Above And Beyond .

Make Sure You Grab A Shirt On   Lingo Clothing By Clicking Here  

Click  To Follow DrumCrazie On Twitter