“Introducing Def Jam Artist Keeb”

“Great artists come around every now and again, armed with the true love for their craft that most artists of our time forget. These artists find joy in capturing crowds and giving the masses a level of creativity that most will find hard to forget. Marcus ‘Keeb’ Marquez is one of those rare artists. The man, that most people recognize by his combat boot and designer jacket attire is referred to as the ‘Diddy’ of Chicago. Throughout his life Keeb has done everything from producing to rapping to managing. Taking time to focus on his personal career Keeb has been constantly on his grind, developing song after song, touching on a variety of themes, mostly catering to the love he has for women….” — Excerpt from a music review of Keeb, written by Tyler McDermott”
– Written by Tyler McDermott, El Mestiso. (Feb 25, 2011)

During Late Night Promoting And Networking , I Came Across This Young Artist From Chicago, Illinois.

His Upbeat Look And Hot Style Intrigued Me To Check Him Out A Little Bit More.

During My ” Find Out More Escapade” I Discovered His Music .

Keeb Is Putting A New Spin On His Music And Style.

So Check Out Our Interview Below.

Who Are Some Of Your Major Influences?

Nelly, Kanye West, T.I, Jay-Z

How Did You Get Involved With Music?

Fun Story At first I Didn’t Want To Rap. I Always Wanted To Be Like Puff Daddy, At First Just Being A Boss Was Cool. But When Nelly Came Out People Were Telling Me I Look Like Him And I Should Start Making Music. At First I Was Like No , But Then I Saw How All The Girls Were Going Crazy Over Him. So I Entered A Showcase And Won And ever Since Then I Been Making music.

What Are You Currently Working On ?

I’m Working On Two Pop/ Hip-Hop Albums Called Light Up The Night & The Hang-Over.. Also Performing At Shows Around The Country. I’m Also Producing And Writing Songs For Other Artist As Well.

How Does It Feel To Be Compared To Diddy?

It Feel’s Great To Be Compared To Diddy . I Guess My Hard Work Speaks For It Self. I Produced Other Artist As Well . I Use To Host Shows,Open Mic’s and Showcase In Downtown Chicago. I Was Alsom Featured In A Few Movies Out Here In Chicago. The First One Was Entitled ” Naomi” In Which I Played Her Son. In The Movie My Characters Na,e Was Dwight. In The Second Movie “The Laundromat ” I Played A Drug Dealer In the Film. I Love Working With Other People , I’m A People’s Person. My Ambition To Succeed Can’t Be Stopped , No Matter What Is Put In Front Of Me.

Whats Your Favorite Song Right Now?
My Song Anywhere & My Baby….Also My New Pop Song Party All DAY

How Was It Performing Alongside Sean Garret ?

Wow, that was crazy!! Sean Garret Is Really Down To Earth. We Were At A Club called ‘Spy Bar” For This Grammy U Event. He Conversed With My Team And I About The Music Industry And How To Stay True To Yourself When It Comes Down To Making Music.

Who Are Some People You Have Collabed With Musically?

D’Andre Horn/ DeWattz/ Jon FAT BOY Short/ Miriam L. Wade/ Kekei Valentine/ Excel/ Demarcus Chi Jones Watson/ Titus Ramiz/ Grimey Grinch/ Amanda Wafford/ J Will/ MACK G/ WILLY WEST!!/ A GAME/ KATERPILLAR/

Whats Your Fave Food And Movie?

My Fave Food Is ….Turkey Burgers . My Favorite Movies’ Are…. Sup er Bad, Hang-Over 1&2, And Step Brother’s.

If You Could Wear One Pair Of Sneakers Your Whole Life Which Pair Would They Be?

Air Yeezy

Are You Single?


To Find Out More About Keeb Check Him Out On Reverbnation As He Holds Down The Top 20 Spot !!!!


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One thought on ““Introducing Def Jam Artist Keeb”

  1. Go ahead Keeb!!!! Keep pushing and doing what you do. We are proud of you and support you wholeheartedly!!!!!! Love you Keeb!!!!!!!

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