Get Based With Lil ‘B

Lil ’ B formerly a member of “The Pack ” recently released his 1oth mixtape. The 21 year old Berkeley, Ca native has brought a new flavor to the rap world. The mogul has amazing writing skills and a versatile flow. Not only has he accomplished the goal of becoming a popular music artist but a self- published author as well. Holding the title of LilBTheBasedGod he has fully mastered the concept of BASED .“The first 19 year old rapper to write and publish a book!”

I always thought that Lil B had  unique talent so I wanted to know a little more about him.So on November 27th, 2010  I caught up with the star for an exclusive interview.

1.What does based mean to you ?

” Based means being positive with yourself.Not worrying  about what others have to say or what they think. It’s rapping/writing  in the unconscious .”

2.How did it feel to write and publish a book at 19 ?

‘It felt amazing to write it and to have it in my hands .It was a year and a half process.Now that I’m 21  it still feels amazing.It was a surreal experience. “Takin Over” is motivation for me. Now I know nothing is endless.”

3.If you were president, what two things would you change?

“People would have access to healthy food and access to clean water.I also would put nice places in low income areas.”

4.What people, events, or music has influenced you?

“Prince, 2Pac, Lenny Kravitz, and Anthony and the Johnsons”

5.On your new mixtape “Evil Red Flame” you have a song called “My Life Changed”how has your life changed?

“A lot of people think I’ve changed. A lot of people from my past are popping up now .People always have something to say and different opinions .”

6.Since you’ve been in the industry what are some  important things you’ve  learned?

“Make sure you have a good  lawyer and manager.They have to work hard and love you and your music just like you do.You also have to be respectful and be open to everything.”

7.What’s your message to the world (something people might not know about you)?

“I’m super positive. I love people and respect women. I love to  sit back watch movies and play video games.”

8) Advice for youth that may be interested in writing a book or get in the  music industry ?

“Be humble , love and accept all types of music. Support people and wait for your turn to come.

“Others don’t have to loose for you to win.”

Lil B has mastered his craft.He is super-talented and proudly wears the title of “TheBasedGod”

He appreciates his fans and all the support he has received during his journey.

Lil B is continuing to bring creativity, positivity and love to this industry.

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