Exclusive Interview With Beautiful Music Maker Rotimi

Rotimi , described as having tremendous talent with vocals reminiscent of a young Micheal Jackson by director Marcia P Samuel. Rotimi has recently gained a wide -spread fanbase and international exposure. The 21 year old wasn’t always aware of
his amazing voice. At 15 Rotimi was in a trio group called “NBH” with two of Jay-Z’s nephews,
Jay-Z told Rotimi “you have a powerful voice learn how to control it and by 22-23 you will be good. Well at 21 , Rotimi is more than good he’s great. The singer and songwriter has opened for artist such as T.i., Estelle, and N.E.R.D.he also hit the stage at the 2010 BET Awards Pre party.In 2009 he released “Beautiful Music:” as his first single which was nominated “Africa’s Sound City fresh video of the year”.His second single “already know ” featured Dawn Richard of Diddy’s Dirty Mooney .His third single “Forever” is currently on VH1 Soul and , Comcast OnDemand , the video is currently on rotation on MTV Arica. with motivation from his fans and family Rotimi continues to shine and make Beautiful Music. Although his Nigerian heritage didn’t expose him to a R&B However at 21 he has dived into the world of R&B hands on . rotimi’s mixtape ” The Resume ” is going to be released sunday march 29 , 2011. Rotimi is amazing, talented, passionate, gifted, blessed, and truly dedicated to his dream. not only is he a singer actor and songwriter he also holds a Bachelor Degree of Science in Communication and a minor in Business from Northwestern University.
Rotimi definitely earned a number 1 spot on The Mogul minute check out the interview below

How many years have you been singing and what artists inspire you ?
For 16 years .Lauryn Hill , Bob Marley, Carl Thomas and Micheal Jackson inspire me.
How did it  feel the first time you saw your video for your second single “Forever” on VH1?
Crazy! I was laying in bed and I dozed off. when i looked up it was playing. I  ran into my roomates room told them it was on and then I started calling my family.
When you actually completed your mixtape “the resume ” and had all your songs in your tracklist what were you thinking?
I felt like wow I did it. It was an incredible feeling. it’s my first body of work done.                                        It definitely showed my hard work and it also was a time for celebration and relief.
Will You be doing any touring in the next couple months?
Touring starts the end of of this month. I’ll be hitting six or seven different cities.
What do you do in your free-time?
Watch sports ( ESPN ) , I’m a homebody, I love being in my space and spending time with my family and friends.
If you had to listen to one song on repeat for a week , what would it be?
My new song “Bottles” ft gucci mane. Its a club track .
Out of the three videos you filmed what was your favorite one?
Beautiful Music because it was 1st . I didn’t expect it to get that big .It was filmed with one of my friends on different parts of my campus.
What is your favorite food to eat?
My mom’s Jamaican curry chicken with rice.
What do you look for when dating a female?
I look for understnding, ambitious, good conversation, style, and confidence.
Rotimi what do you want the ladies to know?
I’m single !! check out my music on RotimiMusic.com follow me on twitter @Rotimi1 and “The Resume” Is Coming Soon!!!
After you watch the video “Beautiful Music ” below make sure you get his new mixtape “The Resume

Get The Resume Here

Shayna “The Mogul Girl”



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