Interview With The One Man Army Dee 1

Strong! Powerful! A Leader! And Definitely A Blessing To Music Are A Few Things That Come To Mind When You Hear The Artist Dee-1. The New Orleans , Louisiana Native Is Using His Voice To Inspire And Motivate People Everywhere. I Think Dee-1 Is Extraordinarily Unique, Creative , And Setting Himself Apart From Previous Music Artists In The Industry. With The Release Of Two Mixtapes “I Hope They Hear Me Volume 1 & 2” He Has Gained Plenty Of Supports. With Just A Pen, A Pad , And Himself He Has Created A Full Force Of Lyrics That You Can Relate To As Well As Take To The Heart. Earlier Today I Interviewed The 504 Lyricist And One Man Army “Dee-1”.

What Does Music Mean To You?
Music is a form of self expression to me . I’m able To free my thoughts that were caged up. As an artist your music may help a fan release their thoughts or emotions that were caged up.
If You could have met any person In history who would It be and why?
I would have wanted To meet Malcolm X closer to the end Of his life because I’d have questions regarding his style and leadership . I’d also would’ve liked to meet Tupac.

How Did It Feel To See “One Man Army” Video On TV?
The One many Army song and video means so much to me . It’s my superhero theme music .                                                                                                            Just to see it get so popular on the internet and then make it to MTV                                                                                                                                                                   It let me know that people want that realness.I do real music regardless of the people who say I should do a strip or club song .

Are You On Tour ?
Yes. The tour is called “Grind &Hustle” Tour. So far I’ve been in Vancouver, Cali And Seattle.                          But you can go to Dee1Music.Com For All The Tour Dates And cities.

What Is “One Man Army”?
A One Man Or One Woman Army Is state of mind that people should live with . I like To call It Mission Vision. Everyone can have A mission for their own life and purpose. You need to have a strong team ,          be self motivated And grind. Dreams start and end with me. You can’t let the distractions of the TV,              internet, radio, or relationships mess up your goals and dreams. Don’t get distracted from your purpose.  True happiness comes From finding your purpose .

You Were A Teacher Correct?
I taught middle school in 08 And 09. I bonded with the students and I was able to relate and talk To them.

What Do You Want The Tristate To Know About You?
I want them To know that my goal is to make music that can inspire and entertain. I want my audience to be better people after they hear my music. The main thing I want the people to know is that the movement is going to go as far as you take it. People try to ignore positive movements and rather show love to negative ones. As for the people that show love and support positivity will make others support it as well. Just follow me on Twitter @Dee-1 , I want to be revolutionary pick up where Malcolm X and Tupac left off in my own way.

Dee 1 Is A Leader, Soldier, And He Definitely Is A Army Of Power, Creativity, And Passion .
Support The “One Man Army”. Make Sure You Check Out One Man Army And It’s My Time On MTV Jams. You Can Get His Music On Dee1Music.Com

The Mogul Girl #OneWomanArmy definitely supports Dee-1 The #OneManArmy

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