Interview With SODMG/PTE JohnBoyYaBoy

Palm Tree Entertainment and SODMG artist JohnBoyYaboy gave an exclusive interview to The Mogul Minute. the rap artist from Buffalo,  New York has consistently grinded and built  a wide spread fanbase throughout the streets,and the internet. JohnBoyYaboy has grinded non-stop and is ready for the world to rock with him .
Check out the interview below

How many years have you been rapping ?
5 years
Who are some rappers you look up to ?
Lil Wayne ..all of the greats. Jay-Z, Diddy, T.I., people that made moguls of themselves.
How was it to shoot the  “Let That Boy Cook ” video with young money artist Lil Chuckee?
It was cool but it was a long shoot. I drove  from NY to Virginia.I didn’t get to take a nap or even get to rest ,        I checked into the hotel and went  straight  to the video set.the video is currently  on MTV and soon to  will be on 106&Park.
So how did you come about “cookin “?
On Tiny Chat  with Lil B and Soulja Boy  and it was a YouTube  cookoff. I just wanted to make more cookin music so Lil B    and I made cookin a movement and it increased the fanbase and it was a hit.
What do you want Philly to know about you ?
I support Meek Millz . Shoutout to Meek Millz . Look out for a song with me and Meek.
Where do you see yourself next year?
On XXL Magazine Top Freshman List
Out of all your songs which one did you have the most fun recoding?
F**** with you .It was a release for me .Its definitely a release kind of track .
Are you releasing a mixtape?
A lot of dj’s and fans have been asking for it  and  when the time comes I’ll drop it. In the mean time let that boy cook.
What does music mean to you?
It’s a way to express myself ,let go of emotions. It’s a way for people to hear me.
Do you want the world to know?
 I’m coming . forreal JohnBoyYaboy me and my

The Mogul Minute thanks JohnBoyYaBoy for  this interview


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