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Thoughts Of The Future

Recently I’ve Been Doing A lot Of Thinking About What The Future Holds.I’ve Been Hearing My Whole Life That My Future Would Be Great And So Far My It IsĀ  .Just Thinking About Whom I Will Meet In My Future And The Places I Will Go, Intrigues Me Each Day . At 19 I Have Accomplished A lot And I Truly Am Proud Of Myself, But I’m Not Satisfied.I Want So Much More And I’m Willing To Work For It. Doors Are Opening Up Left And Right For Me And I Truly Am I Exited To See What And Who Will Be Behind The Doors Of My Future However Being A “Young Mogul” Requires A Lot Of Handwork And Dedication.It Also Requires Sleep Which I Don’t Get A lot Of But In Order To Get To My Future I Have To Take Care Of Me.So From Now I’m On I’m Dedicating Myself A Spa Day Each Week Thanks To My Big Sister.

I’m 19 Now By 21 I’ll Be Graduating With A B.A. In Corporate Communications Who Knows What Else I’ll Accomplish At 21 You Just Have To Wait And See!

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